Double Ring Pleasure in an Omega Cockring and 24 Oz. Ball Weight


Why settle for one ring when you can wear two?  Nothing is hotter than a split ring ball weight and a cock ring! This double-ring combination provides awesome ball tug and amazingly hard, stronger and fuller erections. The sex is amazing!

The guy pictured below is double-ringed.  He's strutting his impressive stuff with a beautifully crafted solid stainless steel Omega cock ring in the mirrored finish. 

When you really want to feel the power, you want an Omega around the base of your dick. When the blood flows into his cock this ring keeps everything thicker, harder, bigger and more powerful. Get on the receiving end of that sexy rod and you will know the difference the Omega can make while fucking.

This hot hunk of pure stainless is hand-crafted in the US in the shape of a donut so it gives you great weight (11 ounces / 312 grams) and amazing comfort. Check it out—your partner will love it, the intensity of your orgasm will skyrocket and your performance will score a perfect 10!


Double Ring Pleasure in an Omega Cockring and 24 Oz. Ball Weight


The second half of the 'double ring' is the ball stretcher. I wear my ball weights all day. Every step brings an erotic reminder with a gentle tug and twist on my balls. I feel like I have a warm inner glow all day long. The sexual tension builds. Sex while wearing my ball stretcher is over-the-top amazing!

He's got a man-sized 24 Oz. ball stretcher on his big balls. All of gear essentials' ball weights are made in the USA and crafted of quality solid stainless steel. (Solid stainless vs. chrome plate helps prevent skin irritations, pitting and flaking because it's the same material all the way through and skin-safe.) The two halves are secured by an Allen screw to prevent them from popping off. While initially they can be tricky to get on, with practice (and as your balls relax) it becomes second nature. Now I can get mine on in well under a minute!

Not only do they feel great, they are awesome for many other reasons as well. When worn during sex, ball weights twist and tug on your ball sac for even more sexual pleasure. The ball stretcher also restricts your sac from retracting up into your body when you cum. This means you delay orgasm, and for many men, prolong it as well. Some guys also tell us that they shoot further too. 

Discover double pleasure!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here. ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)



steven maish-ramirez

steven maish-ramirez

wow love it will have to try that



great equipment get the cbt treatment

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