Enjoying the Tug & Twist of a Ball Stretcher

One of our Twitter buds shared his picture with us. He is wearing the 8 ounce (.23 kg) split ball weight with his BunnG. This is my favorite for 24/7 wear. It has enough weight that it gently tugs, twists and teases my balls yet it is light enough that I don't suffer from ball fatigue. For me it is an amazing enhancement to my life.

Eric from Texas likes this size too. He writes:  "These are my absolute favorite! The 8oz size works great for stacking!"

Ballboy from Philadelphia adds:  
"I've always had big balls, and I've been pulling and squeezing them since I first discovered masturbation, so the idea of weights on my scrotum appealed to me immediately. I love metal against my skin and I've been collecting metal for quite a while - with the addition of my most recent 8oz weight, I'm now strapping three pounds of steel onto my ballsack, and the sweet ache that produces is fantastic. 

"With that much stretch, when I lie on my back and jerk off my balls wale against my asshole and the weights tap on the three guiche rings piercing my taint - all-in-all a remarkable experience! When I'm wearing this much weight, I tend to cum in lots of small drops rather than a couple of big shots, and they tend to go all over the place - kind of like a cum shower. 

"As yet, I can't maintain this for more than five or six hours before I have to remove a portion of the weight, but I'm working on it. my goal is to be able to spend an entire weekend fully loaded. . . . . ."

I completely understand what Ballboy is saying. As I wrote earlier, I can wear the 8 ounce ball weight all day every day. When I get to 24 ounces I have to take it off after six or seven hours--or I will hate the sight of them!

I also experience amazing loads when I jack off or have sex with my ball weights on. The ball stretcher prevents my balls from rising just before orgasm. This delays the experience and makes it more intense.

Enjoying the Tug & Twist of a Ball Stretcher


The ball weight is easy to put on: it comes in two halves (known as a 'split ring') that screw firmly together with an Allen wrench. This means it stays where you want it and doesn't slip off during sex (or work!)

Isn't it time you enjoy the tug and twist of a ball stretcher?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Ounce Ball Weight: https://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-8oz  


(Photo by Bunngman. See more @ Bunngman.blogspot.com/p/order-page_3.html. Eric & Ballboy are not pictured.)



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