Exploding out of your Imperial Cockring!


Ready for a more explosive orgasm? Many men discover that not only does a cockring keep their prick pumped and thicker, it also enhances and enlarges their orgasms. There's nothing like a hot pumping blast of jizz!

Sex is better too. Don from Ohio wrote:  "I have 2 imperial rings now. Both are awesome. The newest is 1-3/4 and very comfortable. My wife loves how it make me a little harder and a little thicker. She can tell the difference for her pleasure. My older one is 1-7/8 and works well also. I like it better for extended wear. Great product, with such high quality."

The stud pictured below is keeping his schlong long in his Imperial cockring. Just like Don (and Don's wife), he has discovered that the Imperial makes him a "little harder and a little thicker." 

Sex is better here!


Exploding out of your Imperial Cockring!


He's rocking the mirrored finish (it is also available in brushed). Elegant and dramatic, this American-made stainless steel cock ring offers a grander, more majestic choice. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, it offers heft while leaving plenty of room for beefy thighs. It weighs slightly over 6 ounces (171 grams) and has a bandwidth of .62 inches (15.75 mm). Smooth and comfortable, this is a classic design. Aptly named, the Imperial Series truly is fit for a king. Own it.

Aren't you ready to explode out of your Imperial Cockring?

gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

(Photo submitted by customer. Don is not pictured.) 





I have had the same reaction with the Imperial Cock Ring. Seems to make my dick want to explode!



Whoa! Nice shot!

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