FEEL like a man with a ball weight and glans ring


When you want to know that you are a potent sexual being, hang a ball weight and glans ring from your cock and balls. You will FEEL like a man!

I know, why would anyone hang all this metal off their junque? I never thought I would. I have worn a cockring for a long time. Even in high school I was crafting my own. I love the look and feel-especially when I am boned up! Now imagine how wonderful that feels and then magnify it. That's what a ball weight and glans ring does for you.

Below is pictured a buddy of ours-you first saw him in a blog a few weeks ago. He's got the cajones to wear much more but we started him on an 8 oz. / .23 kg. because it's just so easy to wear. It's great for a first-timer because it is easier to get on; you experience the pleasure of gentle tug, twist and pull; the orgasms are still amazing and yet it is not so heavy that you get ball fatigue. (You can certainly build up to a heavier weight later--and most do.)

He'll never be the same.

You may wonder why a man would wear a ball weight. Here’s what I discovered:

  • As mentioned above, ball stretchers give an erotic twist and tug which brings on even more intense sexual pleasure. A ball weight—even as light as 8 ounces—intensifies the experience and orgasm for me—to the point that I don’t want to have sex without it.
  • Want more mind-blowing sex? Ball stretchers prevent your balls from retracting before you cum so that when you do, the weight around your balls makes ejaculation even more intense. A number of customers have said that they experience MORE cum AND shoot farther as a result of their ball weights.
  • Want a bigger ball sac? When you regularly wear a ball weight your ball sac stretches out. When you stretch enough to go to the next size, you can slip the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) size on between your existing ball weight(s) and your shaft. It’s a great way to add weight and add to your ball sac.
  • The ball weights ‘play’ with your balls so your hands are free to explore other things!
  • Keep what you've got:  are you on testosterone? Sadly, one of the side effects is that it shrinks your balls. Wear a ball stretcher and keep what you've got!
  • Pleasure your partner: during intercourse your ball stretcher will bounce off your partner’s taint. You may not think you want to be repeatedly ‘tapped’ by 3 lbs. of solid metal but it provides another repeated physical contact with your partner. Both of you will feel each thrust punctuated with each swing of your balls. The taint is a highly erogenous zone—in Tantric practice, pressure is put here to disperse sexual energy throughout the body—instead of just focusing it around the genitals. Take your sex life to the next level and ENJOY!


FEEL like a man with ball weight and glans ring by gear essentials


A head ring is a totally different sensation. Our bud's wearing the Titan .6 head ring. It's crafted of solid stainless steel in the USA in the tactile brushed finish. It is an eye-catching look that fits snugly beneath the crown of your dick. It's noticeably heavier than gear essentials' lighter aluminum head rings so if you want to weigh down the head of your penis for a longer flaccid look it really does the trick. (If you want more, there is one size larger--the Titan .9 glans ring!)

These are the best quality we have seen in a glans ring and feature the exclusive corona fit with a squared interior rim to help prevent slippage. Because of the lean profile, these are also good for stacking or use as a shaft ring. They also coordinate with the Titan Series of cockrings. Another benefit, when you put them on you will stand out! Literally!

Why Wear a Glans Ring?

  • The added weight pulls your prick down when you are flaccid for your longest and fullest look. (Show off your potential!)
  • A head ring increases the sensation of the 'mini hand-job in your pants' every time you move.
  • The ring masks the nerve endings clustered under the cap of your dick so sex lasts longer (and it's GREAT for edging).
  • It makes your dickhead even bigger! Just as a cockring restricts the blood flow in your prick making it thicker, your glans rings does the same for your dickhead. You will be amazed at how big the head of your dick gets!
  • It looks frikkin' hot!

FEEL like a man with a ball weight and glans ring!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams.)



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