Feeling Cocky with Stacked Cockrings


Feeling cocky? Go ahead and maximize your love stick with the Imperial or Master cock ring--or both!

These smooth stainless steel cockrings in brushed or mirrored finish will make your cock stand out tall and proud. They will also keep you thicker and harder so you can really go the distance--over and over again.

If you are horse-hung like this guy, wear two. Or three!


Feeling Cocky with Stacked Cockrings by gear essentials


Once you slip these on you will discover why the Imperial and Master cock rings are two of gear essentials’ most popular rings. Crafted of solid stainless steel in the US, you will enjoy the weight, heft and power they bring to sex. The Imperial is in the shape of a flattened donut, it offers a comforting weighted cock-hug while maintaining a slim enough profile to fit between muscled thighs. The Master is more squared yet still features rounded edges to avoid pinching. Either way, you will do it in style!

Feeling Cocky? Slip these babies on and you will let the world know it too. It's pretty obvious after all!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)



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