Feeling the Pull of Nature:  Ball Weight


If you follow this blog at all it is no surprise that I love my ball weights. I regularly wear my 8 ounce / .23 kg (.5" / 12.7 mm bandwidth) split ring ball weight and often stack on more when I want a deeper sensation. Not only do I get off on the tug, twist and pull of a ball stretcher, but the delayed orgasm when I come is intense.  

Chad replied to an earlier blog by saying:  "Am also into cockrings n ball stretchers been using a leather 2" wide for a while now and it really helps my balls to be more loose but now i have gotten a 16oz metal weight and thats the best feelings on my balls every , I wear it almost daily even to work when I can get into my pants with it bulging out too much and last wk I add a 10 lbs bumb bell to it of a few min , my goal is to get my ball stretch as low as possible by the end of this yr."

Using a leather stretcher is a great way to get your ball sac for the pleasures of a solid stainless steel ball weight. 


Feeling the Pull of Nature:  Ball Weight "best feelings on my balls ever" 


The stud above is enjoying the cool breezes on every part of his body. He is having a hard time keeping his hands off his dick. There is something erotic about being naked in nature--especially with a hunk of steel hanging from your nads. It's an intensely erotic combination. And his orgasm will be mind-blowing.

I prefer to wear my ball weights with a cockring (known as being double-ringed).   A cock ring keeps the blood in my dick and I love the tug and stretch of the ball stretcher.  If you are looking to stretch out your balls for that bull-like look, ball weights are really effective ball stretchers.  

Try the double-ring on for size--and enjoy the best feelings on your balls ever!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!




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