Finger Fuck Textured Glove for Amazing Multiple Male Orgasms


We've been getting a lot of buzz about prostate play over the past few weeks. A lot of guys are just freaked out about it--but intrigued. Frankly, if the prostate hung outside of a man's body we would be all over it. Unfortunately, it's tucked up inside the ass and right behind the base of the dick (that's another clue--all good things are wired right there!)

A lot of folks refer to a man's prostate as the "Male G-spot." We've heard a lot about satisfying a woman's G-spot--that is a key to unlocking overwhelming orgasms, pleasure and her legs.

Interestingly enough, stroking the male G-spot (prostate) can do similar things--including releasing multiple male orgasms. These are dry--meaning there is no explosion of cum until the very end. However, these will unleash a lot of oozing pre-cum. This means that you can stroke and tease the prostate and repeatedly experience the sensation of orgasm. It's your brain responding to the pleasure and then telling the body to go ahead and enjoy!

I have written about many methods of stroking the P-Spot. Here I'm going to focus on digital stimulation (meaning--fingers). You can do this by yourself of have a trusted sexual partner help you out and enjoy the experience!


Finger Fuck Textured Glove for Amazing Multiple Male Orgasms


Pictured above is the Finger Fuck Textured Glove from the kinky folks at Oxballs. They've really got something with this one. Each finger features a unique diameter and texture. You are sure to find one that really makes you purr and whimper with pleasure. And if you are OCD, you don't have to worry about getting your hand dirty.

To use, simply coat the finger as well as your asshole generously with water-based lubricant. Don't be shy or cheap on this. You want to make sure that things go smoothly--particularly if you have a virgin butthole.


Finger Fuck Textured Glove for Amazing Multiple Male Orgasms


Warm up by using the smallest finger (the pinkie of the glove). This will get you used to the process of having something coming IN the back door. Go slow, relax and remember to breathe deeply and often.

When this is feeling good, move up to a thicker finger and insert it up to the second knuckle or so. Gently crook that finger a bit as though you are scratching an itch and press it towards the base of your cock. You will feel a knob--this is your prostate. Gently stoke, knead and tickle it. It will reward you with waves of pleasure.


Finger Fuck Textured Glove for Amazing Multiple Male Orgasms


If you don't feel anything at first, keep at it. Don't forget to use your other hand to pay attention to your dick. Some guys find that their dick goes limp; others find that it gets hard as a rock. Don't worry about it. Just fondle your goodies and enjoy. It's all natural and a result of whatever is going on in your head (the brain IS the biggest sex organ after all!)

You may find that you have an overwhelming urge to hit the head (aka toilet). Don't worry about it. This also is normal and your body's reaction to having something up the ass. As you continue to play with the textured fingers, you may get to the point where the pleasure feels overwhelming. If you can handle it, keep going--this means that things are starting to get really good!

If you are finding that the finger is easy to take, move on up to the thumb (the widest digit). The stud pictured above is using the thumb--but you can save this for last. You may find that you want even more--but that is the subject for another blog!

Discover and unleash male multiple orgasms for yourself with the Finger Fuck Textured Glove. The pleasure is intense and the result is amazing!

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(Photos by Oxballs.)



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