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Want to showcase what you've got?

There's nothing more eye-catching than a nice package. Whether you are working out, dining out, at the beach or just see an impressive package walking down the street towards you, it sends a powerful message.

And you want folks to get the message.

But some of our customers have written to us saying they don't want a big package--they are afraid their cock ring will draw "unwanted" attention to what they are packing. (Is there such a thing as "unwanted" attention?!) We think it pays to advertise! A big dick commands respect--and gets it! 

A cock ring pumps up your package. Not only does it thicken up your dick (keeping it chubby due to restricted blood flow) but it lifts up your balls (something you appreciate if you have low-hangers like me--I appreciate it most in the heat because it's cooler.) 

A cockring will make your dick thicker, harder and longer. It's just science:  blood flows into your cock and is restricted from leaving again. Whether you are hard or flaccid, you stay fuller!

And that's a good look.


For Your BEST "Package" - Keep it BIG with a Cockring


The stud above is wearing a Titan .4 Cockring. Solid stainless crafted in the US, it will show your package to its best potential!

One trick to showing your package at its best is to wear a ring that is one size smaller than usual.  (Some argue that this is just false advertising. Seriously? It's all you--just pumped and pushed up.) When you are hard your dick expands to pleasing proportions and when you wear a tighter cock ring you are just showing off the potential (as though you are a 'shower' instead of a 'grower'.)

For your best package, keep it BIG with a cock ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Titan Cock Ring:   


 (Photo submitted by customer.)



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