Freeballing in Stacked Ball Weights

There is nothing like the tug, twist and pull of a ball weight or two on your nads. They feel awesome when swinging through your day, jacking or bouncing off your partner while having sex.

But sometimes there just isn't enough room for all you're packing!

Harrison from Oklahoma wrote:  "Love the solid weight. wear it everyday no complaints here. altought I do have the 8oz. And 16oz. And 24oz. I'd like a longer weight. I do add to the 32oz. Thier is something about the fill of a solid piece no clanging or shuffling around thanks guys."

Tony from Arizona added:  "I just got my 16 oz and I was first impressed with the speed of the delivery only a few days to get it. once I got it I couldn't wait to put it on It was rather easy to put on. I took a hot shower to relax my sack and it was a breeze to put on I glad I got the 1.5 inch to start off with.

"The feeling of the tug is incredible. I am so excited I have not taken it off yet and I slept with it on This is a great product and I can't wait to add an additional 8 oz in the future The only thing is now I need to find a pair pf jeans that will allow me to wear it without looking to insanely obvious its also fun to freeball in shorts and let the boys swing free!!!!"

Tony, we understand the problem! The stud pictured below has figured out one solution!


Freeballing in Stacked Ball Weights


The bull-balled stud above has solved the problem of what to do with his big package. (He's wearing about 2 lbs. / .91 kg in stacked ball weights.) 

Your reaction might be like mine used to be, "Are you NUTS!?" But the pleasure--on so many levels--is amazingly intense. You'll experience the turn-on of the tug and twist of your nuts, delayed orgasm, increased ejaculate and more. This is totally a win-win!

Enjoy more intense orgasms while freeballing with your stacked ball stretchers!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Harrison and Tony are not pictured.)



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