Seth casts admiring glances at Addison Graham's Full Screw cockring


It's seems that something has caught Seth Fisher's eye. It would be hard to miss. It's Spencer Whitman's thick uncut cock.

When you have a big cock that needs major support like Spencer's, you want a big penis ring. And when you want the best penis ring for a seriously good screw, you need the Full Screw cock ring by gear essentials!

The Full Screw's bandwidth is nearly an inch wide (23 mm). Not only does it keep your dick pulled front, forward and center; it thrusts it out for all the world to see. (Just ask Seth.) You'll be pumped up and supported like Spencer Whitman.

Better sex is seconds away.   

John from Phoenix wrote:  "Amazing! I had become used to the weight of big steel rings but this called to me. The width and flared ends make it really comfortable. It gets my goods on display but is really comfortable for all day wear. After hours, the full screw lives up to its name. I gave my partner some premium thrusting and full screw was the name of the game."  


Seth casts admiring glances at Addison Graham's Full Screw cockring


John called it. The 100% aluminum Full Screw cock ring is super-comfortable because of the easy work-all-day / play-all-night interior comfort fit. In addition, it is super-safe to wear for extended periods next to your precious package. The aluminum also means that it's so light you might just forget you have it on--until you are engorged and ready for a good screw! Then you will appreciate the firm metal wrapped around the base of your hard dick--it keeps the blood pumping and your dick hard for hours and hours of pounding action! 

You'll feel the heat of admiring glances on your Full Screw cockring too.


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Full Screw Cock Ring: 


(Photo by Simeon Den. John is not pictured.)



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