Working up a sweat in the Full Screw Cockring & Quarter Screw Head Ring


The weather has finally cooled off enough in Palm Springs to get some items checked off the honey-do list. Danny is hard at it and working up a sweat as he climbs the ladder.

Working up a sweat in the Full Screw Cockring & Quarter Screw Head Ring


His package is thick and juicy in his Full Screw penis ring and Quarter Screw glans ring. He's got the cock to handle such a wide band. The Full Screw is one of gear essentials' widest C rings at .9 inches / 20 mm wide. Don't be put off by the mass of it - it's constructed of aeronautical aluminum so it's really lightweight at around 2 ounces / 67 grams.

Bri from Idaho wrote:  "Gear Essentials has come through again with another exceptional product and delivered promptly with no problems. The Full Screw cockring is a stunner. It’s light weight makes it a comfort to wear, while it puts my junk front and center.

"I had it less than a day when it became the life of the party. All were impressed with its looks! I highly recommend it."

Brian's right, the Full Screw is a "comfort to wear" due to the rounded interior comfort fit. This means that you can easily enjoy work-all-day / play-all-night pleasure and stamina in the Full Screw penis ring.

Here's a closer look:


Working up a sweat in the Full Screw Cockring & Quarter Screw Head Ring


The Full Screw performs the way a cock ring should. It keeps the blood flow in your prick restricted from leaving so your pumped up prick stays thicker. (Check out how thick Danny's rod is - even though he's flaccid.) This restriction also means that sex (solo or with partners) is so much better.
Looking for something with a narrower bandwidth? The Screw series also includes the thinner Quarter Screw and mid-size Half Screw penis rings. (And all of them are very comfortable.)



Working up a sweat - a closer look at the Quarter Screw Head Ring


Danny's so chubbed that it's hard to see that he is also wearing the Quarter Screw head ring at the base of his corona. It doesn't just look good. It also enhances pleasure. (The picture above show it more clearly - this ring is like a secret weapon!)


Quarter Screw Glans Ring

The Quarter Screw head ring coordinates with Danny's Full Screw penis ring. Also constructed of solid light-weight aluminum, this glans ring is extremely comfortable. Lightweight so it doesn't feel like it's weighing your dick down, it features gear essentials' squared interior fit to resist slipping over your corona when you're flaccid. It fits beautifully beneath the cap of your cock. 

Even when flaccid the head of your dick will be bigger than usual (this is especially true when it's paired with a penis ring - check out Danny's ladder pics; his dickhead is so fat it's hiding his Quarter Screw glans ring). It gets even bigger when you bone up. Your dick is already chubbed up from your cock ring) but the head ring makes your dick head even bigger than normal!  It is totally hot. 

Why Wear a Head Ring?

  • Added weight pulls your dick down for your best flaccid look.
  • Strokes, teases and caresses as you move for that 'mini hand-job in your pants' sensation!
  • Sex lasts longer (and it's GREAT for edging) because the head ring masks the nerve endings beneath your corona.
  • Increases your sensitivity
  • A glans ring pumps up your dickhead (even more if you have a cock ring on too)
  • It looks sexy-hot.

David from Brooklyn wrote:  "I don't know how the design experts do it, but they've done it! Looks great, and this glans rings stays in place and doesn't slip off even when nothing's going on down there. Paired up with the matching Half Screw Cock Ring, it's not that often nothing's going on down there, even just thinking about it!"


Working up a sweat in the Full Screw Cockring & Quarter Screw Head Ring


You know I had to share my favorite view! Yes, the Full Screw looks amazing even from behind. The wide bandwidth really makes a statement and draws the eye.

You'll look and feel great as you work up a sweat in your Full Screw cockring and Quarter Screw glans ring. Let's put all that sweat to good use!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!
(Photos by Simeon Den. Bri and David are not pictured.)



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