Full Screw Cockring and Quarter Screw Glans Ring:


It looks like a beautiful day at the pool for Danny. And he's lifting and supporting his heavy prick with the Full Screw cockring.

The Full Screw really lifts your junque up, front and forward due to its major width (nearly 1 inch / 2.286 cm) to offer major support to a major dick.

Not only will the Full Screw keep your dick pulled front, forward and center; it will thrust it out for all the world to see. You'll be pumped up and well-supported like Danny. It's basic cock ring science:  blood flows in and is restricted from leaving. This means you show off your best-dicked self.

Crafted in the USA from solid aluminum, the Full Screw features gear essentials' exclusive interior comfort fit. As a result you'll be able to go the distance (and then some) without having to worry about pinching or discomfort. The lightweight aluminum construction means you may just forget you even have it on. This baby will keep your prick thicker, longer, more sensitive, fuller and happier in the pool, at the office or in your bedroom.

Jay Jay from California wrote:  "I received the Full-Screw and it was all that was described, detail and workmanship were. I put it on and did not take it off for 3 days. Liked the way I looked with or without clothes. Great service and shipping time was less than I expected. Thanks Guys"

Full Screw & Quarter Screw:  "the first time I used it was my best cum shot"


For added pleasure (and performance) Danny is also wearing a Quarter Screw glans ring. This pumps up the head of his dick even more--the pleasure is intense and orgasms are off the charts! Matt from Wisconsin said:  "Love the glans ring the first time I used it was my best cum shot. My nuts felt totally drained haven’t felt that way in along time. Ordered more items to try can’t wait until those get here."

While wearing a head ring many say it feels like getting a 'little hand job.'  We also discovered that even when wearing a cockring the glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve-endings beneath the cap of your dick.

David in Brooklyn added:  "I don't know how the design experts do it, but they've done it! Looks great, and this glans rings stays in place and doesn't slip off even when nothing's going on down there. Paired up with the matching Half Screw Cock Ring, it's not that often nothing's going on down there, even just thinking about it!"

You'll love the look, you'll love the feel and you'll definitely enjoy your best cum shots!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams.Jay Jay, Matt and David are not pictured.)





He needs a buddy to float and swim with.
I’ve got some swimmers that wouldn’t mind swimming in him.



It would be so nice to see this hanging out at the pool!

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