Full Screw Cockring:


Even if you don't need a cockring to keep your flaccid dick looking pumped (his certainly doesn't!), a penis ring, like the Full Screw pictured below, gives you amazing support and pulls everything up, front and forward. It's your best look - and best performance!

A lot of a man’s self-worth is tied up in the size of his dick. We surreptitiously compare ourselves to others in the showers, we overhear friends comparing sizes or discussing technique, crotch watchers comment on the size of passing guys’ baskets and studies on dick size seem to be published every week. Have you checked out a Cosmo lately?

We all wish we were just a bit bigger…


"Light weight makes it a comfort to wear; it puts my junk front & center"


Whether you are already jumbo-sized like the guy pictured above (I think he qualifies as a ‘shower’), average or on the smaller size, a cockring will make what you’ve got look bigger! In fact, it will make it BE bigger. Once the blood flows into your dick, you will be thicker and harder than you have ever been without the help of a cock ring. All that rushing blood is restricted into your prick so you will have more to work with—meaning more pleasure for you and your partner.

Bri from Idaho Falls, ID, wrote:  "Gear Essentials has come through again with another exceptional product and delivered promptly with no problems. The Full Screw cockring is a stunner. It’s light weight makes it a comfort to wear, while it puts my junk front and center. I had it less than a day when it became the life of the party. All were impressed with its looks! I highly recommend it."

Enlarge what you’ve got—and enjoy the light weight comfort, looks and performance that results with the Full Screw C ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Full Screw C Ring:  https://gearessentials.com/products/full-screw


(Photo by Byron. Bri is not pictured.)



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