Super Fun Sex with the Fury and Bolt Cockrings


We think sex should be super fun!

And the Fury and Bolt cock rings will help make that happen! 

The blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving due to the rigid band of metal wrapped around the base of your prick. This means you stay harder, thicker, longer and are more sensitive. And that means better sex—whether with a partner or solo.


Super Fun Sex with the Fury and Bolt Cockrings from gear essentials


Fun, fast, furious and fantastic--these will all describe your sex life in a Fury or Bolt cockring. 

Fury Cockring

Take sex to a new level of passion and intensity with our second heaviest (10 ounces / 286 grams) solid stainless steel cockring. The Fury is also gear essentials' widest stainless ring at .9 inches. You will know you have it on and your partner will definitely feel the difference! The added weight adds power to your thrust.

Bolt Penis Ring

Available in the easy to wear .4 inch (10 mm) bandwidth, this solid stainless steel cock ring (also made in Minnesota, USA) weighs in at an easy 3 ounces (88 grams). It may be narrower but it still does the job. I will also put the cocky into your walk--the Bolt is for the confident man who can easily turn it on and is the BEST compliment to a great screw.

Are you ready for super fun sex? Wrap up your dick in a Fury or Bolt cock ring!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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