Fury Cockring:


Want proof that a cock ring will make your dick thicker, harder and more sensitive? Check out the "stick shift" below!

Slip on the Fury cockring and you'll feel the FURY of good love-making (whether solo self-pleasure or when you have a helping....hand!) Male and female partners tell us they love the feel of this ring when getting fucked. The heavy metal provides extra force and stimulation. And it is "very heavy and yet extremely comfortable."

The Fury cockring was one of gear essentials first cock rings and is the widest, boldest solid stainless steel ring. It weighs in at a sturdy 10 ounces (286 grams) and a broad .9 inches. It was discontinued for some time but due to popular demand it was brought back - and with the addition of mirrored finish. It features the profile of a double ring. The Fury is gear essentials second heaviest cock ring yet is extremely sexy and comfortable to wear. It pumps up your package and your dick for furious (and very satisfying) action.

"Big Knob" from Wellington, New Zealand wrote:  "Oh my goodness! The Weight, the sparkle, the fit! This cockring is amazing. I chose the 1-3/4 in cockring as this is my optimum fit for my cock and balls. Like other reviews, this is going to be my all time favourite ring(s). 

"I was amazed how heavy it it - which is not a problem as I love weighty cockrings - and how shiny it is. It looks spectacular on too. Not to mention that it arrived in a wonderful cockring tin. Thank you Gear Essentials. Yet another superb cockring from your store."


Fury Cockring:  "very heavy and yet extremely comfortable!"



He is also rocking another of my favorites:  a leather ball stretcher. I love the feeling of the tug and stretch on my nads. It also delays and prolongs orgasm. If you've never tried it, the leather ball stretcher is a perfect easy first step. Be careful! You'll get addicted!

He's also wearing something I've just started getting into:  a shaft ring. He's wearing a silicone ring which will stretch to fit--and doesn't fall off easily. I especially love wearing a shaft ring when I'm pumping my penis - it's amazing! You get an incredible extra pump on your dick that is intense. Leave the shaft ring on and your dick stays chubbed for hours. You will also discover even more sensitivity as your cock shifts in your clothes.

You and your partners will love the look and feel of this amazing cockring.

Seb from France wrote:  "Beautiful cock ring, the steel is of excellent quality. Quite wide and very heavy and yet extremely comfortable! I wear it permanently without problem. I have several steel cock rings but this one is my favorite as well for its aesthetic side as for the comfort. Thanks to Gear essentials for offering us such beautiful jewels!"

Are you ready for the best sex of your life in a Fury cockring? 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer. "Big Knob" & Seb are not pictured.)  


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