Fury Cockring:


It's back - and better than ever!

Now available in bright mirror finish (as well as the original brushed), we have been getting great responses!

Robert from Knoxville, TN wrote:  "I thought the Omega was comfortable, but the Fury is absolutely perfect!"

(These are gear essentials two heaviest rings but the Fury is wider.)

LB from Maine added:  "I have a wide variety of gear essentials cock rings and head rings, and every time I get a new one I never cease to be impressed by the craftsmanship and the pleasure that I get wearing them. I really enjoy the wide chunky feel of the full screw and total plunge, so when I got my furry and felt the heft and way it felt, I to try it on my lover. Needless to say I wore him out before I got off, what feeling when I did it was amazing. Way to go guys. What a ride......"

It makes us happy when our gear helps you discover (and enjoy) better sex! Glad you enjoyed the ride, LB! If you like it heavy and wide—a great big, warm metal grip around the base of your massive cock—then the Fury is for you. 


The Fury Cockring:  "What a ride"


As you can see on the beach babe pictured above, the Fury penis ring is a big, bold look. In fact, it appears that you have stacked two rings to create this broad .9-inch / 22.86 mm wide expression. We think it looks best naked, but the Fury also looks great under a business suit, pumping your package in your jeans or firmly drawing the attention where it should be—front and center. A cock ring pulls your junque front, forward, up and center for a prominent display and supreme support.   

The Fury is gear essentials second heaviest cock ring with a weight of slightly over 10 ounces / 286 grams. The width, girth, weight and aesthetics of this ring combine to promote better sex (just ask LB)! Better because it keeps the blood in your growing cock, better because the bandwidth keeps your dick propped up at a delicious angle, better because the weight will add power to each thrust AND make the erogenous zones of your mate tingle with electricity.

Get ready for amazing rides in your Fury cockring! 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Fury Cock Ring:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/fury


(Photo submitted by customer. Robert and LB are not pictured.)


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Bought my first set of glan rings. Never knew they existed and just how good they make your package feel. Have several cockrings but none of them give the feel that I got from my glan rings. Even wore them to work the other day. If my coworkers knew what I had on and how it made my cock feel. I liked it.
Will definitely be looking at some.of your other products. Thanks for a new experience.

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