Fury Cockring and Titan Glans Ring


We love hump day - and Danny is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a good, deep hump. He's poised and ready to take it on his garden bench.

He's wearing the Fury cockring. Its wide bandwidth is a great look on a big dick. Danny's hung and he loves the support it brings to his boner. And it's no secret that a cock ring will make your dick thicker (when flaccid or erect), harder and more sensitive. You'll feel the FURY of good love-making (whether solo self-pleasure or when you have a helping....hand!) Both male and female partners have told us that they love the feel of this ring when they are being fucked. The heavy metal provides extra force and stimulation.


Fury C Ring & Titan Head Ring "I love how the ring shows my cock & balls"


You can see in the picture below that his Fury cockring pulls his generous package up, front and forward. The Fury was one of gear essentials first cock rings and is the widest, boldest solid stainless steel ring. It weighs in at a sturdy 10 ounces (286 grams) and a broad .9 inches / 23 mm. 

The Fury is available in brushed or mirrored finish and features the profile of a double ring. It's gear essentials second heaviest cock ring yet is extremely sexy and comfortable to wear. It pumps up your package and your dick for furious (and very satisfying) action.

Danny's package looks especially good with his Titan .4 glans ring pulling his flaccid dick down - there's nothing like showing off your potential. Anyone lurking in the shrubbery would certainly take a third and fourth lingering look.


Fury C Ring & Titan Head Ring "I love how the ring shows my cock & balls"


Ameene from Toronto wrote:  "Man, do I love this ring. I bought it for the look as well as the heft some reviewers mentioned, and wow I was not disappointed.

"Awesome smooth finish, perfect fit (went one size down from the largest to ensure a snug fit), and the perfect shape to wear all day. Not only does it look amazing, just feeling this bad boy holding my dick all day is amazing. Total game changer for me. Thanks, guys!"

JB from Wisconsin added:  "Love my rings. Especially the Fury. I wear it 24-7. I go commando all the time . I love how the ring shows my cock and balls in my suit pants with the uplift it gives. When home I’m nude 95 per cent of the time and always have a ring or 2 on. Greta rings guys. Keep it up!!!"

You will enjoy the amazing look and feel too.


Fury C Ring & Titan Head Ring "I love how the ring shows my cock & balls"


Danny is also wearing his Titan .4 head ring in the new mirrored finish. It looks and feels great and it really shows off his dickhead. His Fury cock ring pumps up his prick but the glans ring pumps his dickhead up even more!

The beauty of this ring is that it helps extend your flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so you can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. You'll also enjoy the sensation of this heavier head ring when merely walking and moving throughout your day. Many men have referred to the sensation as the "mini hand job" in your pants!  

"Thikshooter" from New Haven wrote:  "The ring was a great, snug fit, as promised, and did not need to be removed when fully hard. Feels great just wearing it as a daily habit and makes the glans especially sensitive to being sucked. Only take mine off to shower."

You'll love how your Fury and Titan glans ring show off your cock and balls too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Simeon Den. Ameene, JB & "Thikshooter" are not pictured.)  



Chef j

Chef j

Wow, these make a great combo together. I’m new to the c-ring wearing group. I bought my first ring about 2 months ago … where have these been all my life? I am now obsessed with them. Waiting for my next Titan .6 glans to arrive and the Titan .2 (one size smaller) to hold every ring in place. I love the feeling of a hefty weighted c-ring tugging on my junk while a heavy weighted glans ring is hanging on and flopping around on the end of my shaft. They are comfortable enough to wear 24/7. Great quality products



Damn he is so beautiful makes me want to lick him all over and eat him plus drink his love juices

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