Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with a Titan or Mavrik Cockring


What do you call four naked guys in a convertible? A party!

Addison Graham, Seth Fisher, Spencer Whitman and Adam Russo are ready to cruise on one hot ride - because they are all geared up in their gear essentials' cockrings!

They are keeping their dicks thicker and harder. This is what a C ring will do for you. Blood flows in but is restricted from leaving again because of the penis ring. This means that when your prick gets hard you get (and stay) bigger, longer, harder, and more sensitive to every touch, lick or stroke. You stay thicker even when flaccid - if you even stay flaccid!

I think they're going to have a great ride!


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with a Titan or Mavrik Cockring


Spencer may be having a shy moment right now ("why?!" we ask!) But he is sporting a nice wide Titan .6 cockring on his meaty prick. Someone's going to enjoy a smooth ride today!

Spencer's Titan cockring keeps the blood flow from deflating his dick which means he stays thicker, harder and much more sensitive to every thrust, lick and touch. You know that your dick will stay huge too!     

John from Phoenix wrote:  "I've bought a few lesser cockrings over the years but this is the real deal. The Titan 0.6" is beautifully made, looks great, thrusts my gear forward so it can be seen doting the day and takes sex to a whole new level in the bedroom. It kept me harder and thicker while being very comfortable. My partner reported feeling me throbbing pleasantly. I was able to concentrate on my partner's pleasure rather than on my own performance AND it kept me hard a long time after I came so we could stay together longer after the big event. This is just awesome and I intend to buy other series to enjoy. I thought an all day cockring was impossible to find but once you get the size right, this is the one. I have it on right now and will wear it to work today."


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with a Titan or Mavrik Cockring


Addison is proudly sporting the Mavrik cockring in blue (it's also available in red). The Mavrik is made from our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring but narrower - only .4" / 10 mm wide. That means that it's light-weight, comfortable and smooth. Both the inside and out of the penis ring are gently curved for optimum comfort (meaning you can really go the distance with this ring). Like Addison, your dick will love the Mavrik cock rings.

Clint from Sacramento, CA wrote:  "I have a red and a blue ring in 2-1/8th, love these rings as I can wear them most of the day without discomfort, few of the metal ones can I wear all day. This is a great lightweight solid plastic ring"


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with a Titan or Mavrik Cockring


Sex is just better with a cock ring on. And your pumped up prick will be irresistible. Incredible blow jobs and fucks will be yours for the taking when you slip on a cockring. Within seconds you will understand why so many men love their cockrings. You too will feel heightened and overpowering sensations in your prick.

Like the men pictured here, your man meat will grow harder, longer, more sensitive and thicker when you wear a penis ring. You will discover pronounced fullness in your package and more sensitivity. There is something confidence-building about feeling the throbbing power between your legs. 


Gentlemen, Start Your Engines with a Titan or Mavrik Cockring


Are you ready for your best sex? Grab a cockring and keep your dick thicker. Like John said, it will take your sex life to a whole new level.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Simeon Den. John and Clint are not pictured)  



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