Get Cocky in the Imperial Cockring!


There's no reason to be shy. Nothing improves the heft and appeal of your dick more than a cockring. And an Imperial penis ring not only looks great; it fits and feels amazing!

Slip one on and you'll feel yourself getting cocky!

For the first time stainless steel C ring aficionado, this is an excellent choice. Heavy, solid, smoothly curved for maximum comfort inside and out, and sexy as hell; this baby will keep your prick chubbed when flaccid and achingly hard when you're ready for action!

Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, the Imperial keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thicker and harder. There is nothing like the sensation of your chubbed up cock bouncing between your thighs as you head out in search of your next conquest. You've got the Imperial on your side!


Get Cocky in the Imperial C Ring by gear essentials


Once you pop this baby on you'll discover why the Imperial cock ring is one of gear essentials most popular rings. Crafted in the shape of a flattened donut, it offers a comforting weighted cock-hug (which also adds power to your fucking thrust) while maintaining a slim enough profile to fit between your muscled thighs. Don't be shy, do it in style!

Get cocky with the Imperial cockring. And let the world know!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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