Getting Ready for IML:  Easy POWER Surge with a Leather Cockring


International Mr. Leather (IML) is only a few days away. This used to be a regular part of our gear essentials' annual calendar and we miss it. Our thoughts are with all of our friends who will be out celebrating the freedom to be themselves and enjoy their kink! (We wish we were going to be there.)

With all the negativity and fear being generated by our political climate, participation at IML is a political statement in addition to being a time to hang with like-minded friends and let your hair (and cod-pieces!) down.

Now it's time to make sure you are ready. You never want to be caught with your dick in a state of un-readiness! If you forget your stainless steel cockring on some trick's night stand, make sure you keep a leather cock ring in your pocket. You never know when you will need an easy power surge for your prick!

Are you ready?


Getting Ready for IML:  Easy POWER Surge with a Leather Cockring

Why do we care? Sex is better when you are armed with a penis ring. Whether metal, silicone or leather, this band of magic around your cock and balls keeps your prick thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. For many guys, it also helps them last longer and recover more quickly (sounds like that could come in handy at IML!)

My first foray into the mythical land of cockrings was a leather cock strap similar to those pictured above. While it was stiff at first it quickly softened and soon felt like a second skin. I generally can be found wearing one of gear essentials' metal cock rings but I still occasionally snap one of these babies on! It's great if you get a boner and want even more heft and length. Just pop it on (because you are NEVER going to get your stainless steel penis ring on AFTER you bone up!) And that's the beauty of this baby.

Sometimes I'll wrap it around my balls too. (In fact, this is what got me interested in ball stretchers.) The snaps make it adjustable and highly adaptable. If you don't want to stuff it in your pocket, it looks great when worn as a bracelet!

Don't head out to IML (or any other potentially naked event) without looking your best and having a surge of power on your side. Gear yourself up in some essential gear and HAVE FUN!

 gear essentials....Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT:  M2M 5 Snap Leather Cock Ring (Blue & Black or Solid Black): 


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