Getting that extra pump with a shaft ring


True confessions? 

I've never really gotten into shaft rings. Now I know some really well-endowed guys who benefit hugely by having a shaft ring. It helps get those huge schwanzes up in the air. (That's a lot of real estate to erect.)

But most of the time I wear a cockring. Then I add a ball weight because I love the tug, twist and pull on my balls (and during sex it is amazing). I like to add a heavier glans ring so I can enjoy the swing of my dick and the incredible sensations when I jack.

Wouldn't adding a shaft ring just be too much?


Extra pump with a shaft ring; (wearing a Titan Shaft & Surge Glans)


The stud pictured above doesn't look like he's wearing too much (however, he is missing a ball weight). Notice the extra chub in his shaft (from the shaft ring) as well as in his dickhead (thanks to the Surge glans ring). With each successive ring (starting with the foundational cock ring of course) more blood is restricted and the pump gets bigger.

Damn. I love this feeling.


Getting that extra pump with a shaft ring


A few weeks ago I started penis pumping again. First I played around with the traditional vacuum pump. I love the sensation, the copious amounts of oozing pre-cum and bringing myself right to the edge of cumming. 

Then I tried the Bath Mate (see the picture above). I love the water pumps. I am still getting used to them but they feel more supportive. (Because they contain water, it supports your dick so there is less potential for damage than with the traditional pump.) However, one frustration I had was that I wasn't getting a consistent strong pump on my prick.

I have been playing with cockrings while pumping. Which is the most supportive? Which feels best? One day it felt like it was just getting in the way. However, I wanted to restrict the blood flow inside my prick to retain as much pump as possible. How to do this?

Then it hit me:  shaft ring. I popped one on and it was revolutionary!

My dick got so thick and hard. It was amazing. Now I always wear a shaft ring when I pump. The sensation is intense (and the impact is impressive as well).

Want the extra pump? Put on a shaft ring!


gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Bath Mate.)




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Just received my new cock ring quarter sqrew.Love it.I am unfortunately not hung like a pornstar but this cock ring fit and has not slipped.Great product.I think I am going to try the glans ring

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