Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring and Glans Ring


I've spend the last couple of days at a beautiful nude beach. It has been a while since I've hung out at one and I've been realizing how much I have missed it!

I love the freedom, the comfort everyone has; young, old, male, female, pretty, not-so-pretty, hung and barely there. Everyone shows up and just enjoys the warmth of the sun on tender flesh, the sound of the crashing waves and the breeze tickling the short hairs.

It's a slice of heaven.

I had also forgotten the sport of the mating dance! Some wear just enough to create and enhance the mystique. Yesterday, one of the most stunning men I have ever seen strolled by in what looked to be a black speedo. As he passed I looked up and spotted firm ass cheeks flaring up under the back. He was wearing the shortest sarong I have ever seen. Our biggest sex organs are our brains--and my imagination created a pretty impressive package.

There is a lot to be said for a bit of mystique!


Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring & Glans Ring - are you're curious?

Eric is creating his own mystique in a CellBlock 13 Jock. You know there is a bit of a party going on in there--the light is glinting off a cockring and a glans ring. Beyond the reflection, the cockring and glans ring pump up his package and fills out his jock.

Joaquin wants to know more....


Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring and Glans Ring - just a tug!


Slowly the jock slips down revealing a hint of the Surge cockring beneath. I love this ring. Not only does it look good, it's comfortable, light-weight and designed to make it seem as though your dick is exploding out of it. 

But I suspect that is not the only thing that will be exploding!


Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring and Glans Ring - Let it out!


Finally released, Eric's meat comes tumbling out highlighted by his Surge cock ring and glans ring.

The Surge penis ring is a light-weight solid aluminum ring that has an exaggerated interior comfort fit for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. Frankly, it's so comfortable you might forget you even have it on. Yet it still keeps the blood flow in your prick so you stay thicker and harder for the long haul. Even when you aren’t hard and horned you will still maintain a nice (and noticeable) chub. You know it makes for a very good looking package, a hot pumped up prick, and it will get you all the attention you can handle. 


Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring and Glans Ring


I was impressed by all of the beautiful people at the nude beach this week. There were some really well-endowed guys there. I will admit that I was grateful to have the support and enhancement of my cockring and glans ring as I lay on the sand. 

Why wouldn't you make what you have look even better? A cockring makes your big cock get even bigger that it normally is. It's basic science:  a cockring keeps your prick thicker, harder and supports those hung ones to keep you firm over the long haul. A cock ring is addictive--once you start wearing one, you really miss it when you don't have it on. Even when flaccid it keeps your prick thicker. You sense the power even when casually moving throughout your day. It also pumps up your attitude with extra confidence!

Tom from the United Kingdom wrote:  "Surge is my third gearessentials ring and there are very few days or nights when I don't have one of them on. These so well crafted steel or aluminium rings are a supreme enhancement to my sexual prowess, and all the pleasures of sex are so maximised. You guys are so class!" 

Give in to Temptation with the Surge Cockring and Glans Ring


The Surge C ring is designed in such a way that it really makes it look as though your cock is exploding out from it! Like all of gear essentialscock rings, it keeps the blood restricted in your dick so you stay thicker, harder and longer (even when flaccid). But the Surge makes your meat look even more impressive. Really want to bump it up a notch? Check out the matching glans ring—when paired it's an amazingly hot look. 

The glans ring has the same impact--but on the head of your dick. You can see how Eric's dickhead is starting to puff up. And when you wear a heavier one (like Joaquin's stainless steel Titan .4) it pulls the head of your dick down so you show your dick off at your largest flaccid state. It comes in handy at a nude beach.

Mike from Hawaii wrote:  "Fits like a glove. So nice a light weight. Going to buy the matching cockring:

Enjoy the fit, flare and impressive function! And give in to temptation with the Surge cockring and glans ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



Joaquin is wearing:


(Photos by David Lee.)


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