Going for a Ride in the Titan Cockring and Glans ring with Spencer Whitman and Adam Russo


When you're ready to go for a good long, hard ride, you want to make sure you are packing as much support as possible. Spencer Whitman has the nice wide Titan .6 cockring on his meaty prick. He's ready to give hairy-assed Adam Russo the ride of his life!

You can see that Spencer's Titan cockring restricts the blood flow from leaving his dick which means he stays thicker, harder and much more sensitive to every thrust and touch. Your dick will stay huge too!     

Combined with the Titan .4 head ring, it makes for a classic ride--as classic as a '63 Cadillac!


Going for a Ride in the Titan C & Glans Ring with Spencer Whitman & Adam Russo


Eye-popping fucks and blow jobs are yours for the taking--just slip on a Titan cockring and you'll feel all those deliciously increased sensations in your prick. Like Spencer, you'll grow harder, thicker, longer and more sensitive. You'll enjoy a pronounced fullness and heightened sensitivity when you get your dick sucked. You will feel the throbbing power between your legs when you fuck your brains out. 

Mind-blowing sex can be yours when you put on the Titan cockring. It's perfect for every day wear: solid, simple, and elegantly classic in design. And it helps keep you pumped for better head or a rock solid pounding!

Crafted from solid stainless steel, the Titan features gently rolled edges for maximum comfort. Titans are available in both brushed and mirrored finishes. 


Going for a Ride in the Titan C & Glans Ring with Spencer Whitman & Adam Russo


Spencer is also crowning his uncut dick with the Titan .4 glans ring. The pendulum effect on Spencer's long prick must feel amazing! It pulls his flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so he can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. The sensation of the Titan head ring gently teasing the sensitive nerves under his corona as he walks and moves throughout the day is tantalizing too. (Head rings work on cut or uncut guys.) Many customers have referred to it as the "mini hand job" in their pants! It's no exaggeration.

The Titan .4 is a great look combined with the Titan cockring too.


Going for a Ride in the Titan C & Glans Ring with Spencer Whitman & Adam Russo


It looks like Spencer and Adam are ready to go for a good, long ride! Pumped up to even greater girth in his Titan cockring, Spencer will fill Adam up and reach places never teased or prodded before.

It's a great time to go for a spin in your Titan cockring and glans ring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by Simeon Den.)  



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