Greater Nip Definition and Pump with the Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with


Well, I've taken it the next step. 

As we explore our favorite things for the website, I found these amazing Nipple Amplifier Bulbs from XR. If you have followed this blog, you will know that I love playing with my nipples (and having them played with). For many men (as well as women), nips are erogenous zones. When stimulated they can bring intense sexual sensation. The nipple and areola are erotic receptors because there are huge amounts of nerve-endings located there.

In fact, MRI's have shown that nipple stimulation causes a huge response--and stimulates the same part of the brain that is impacted by genital stimulation. NOW we are really on to something!

Want to increase your nipple sensitivity and pleasure? Pump them up. When you pump them (using a vacuum pump or nipple suckers) you extend them and increase the nipple surface area. This increases sensitivity. 

When you remove them you will see that they are pumped and expanded larger than normal. You may discover that they are damp.  At this point, flick them with your fingers, invite your partner to suck or gently nibble on them. If you really want to unleash the nipple-to-genital connection, use some nipple clamps and alternate them with nipple suckers. The intensity, sensitivity and pump will increase with repetition.

Then I noticed that some guys have "O" rings on their nips. They were pumped even more and had great definition. I wanted to know more.


Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with "O" Rings



We picked up a 'tester' of the Nipple Amplifier Bulbs and went to town.

The bulbs are easy to use. I found that if I used a nipple sucker first my nips would get fuller. Then I put an "O" ring on the bulb, placed it over my already large nipple, pumped some more and slid the "O" ring over my nip. The feeling was amazing.

The look is even hotter!


Place the bulb over your nip & pump it up!


Being the tit pig I am (or have become) I put my nipple sucker back on my nip and pumped some more. The pump is amazing and the "O" ring keeps the actual 'eraser head' nip from getting out of shape.

And when I flick my nips I melt with pleasure.


The "O" Ring is left behind giving your nip more definition as you pump


Caution:  After pumping your nips, you will notice that any brushes of fabric, fingers or lips across your erect tits will cause waves of pleasure to ripple through your body! This is the kind of gift that keeps giving the day after (in a good way!) Also, if you overdo it you can end up with blisters. Pace yourself. If you do get sore, just use a dab of good quality body lotion or even lip balm to moisturize those tender bits!

The "O" Rings after some serious pumping


You can pump your nips like crazy or just enjoy some short sessions. It is all up to you. I know some folks are turned off by big nips like this; others cannot wait to get their hands (and lips) on them!

Personally, I get far more pleasure when I alternate tit clamps with nip pumping. There are many varieties of nipple clamps designed to firmly grip your nips. They can be light and teasing or hard and intense--it all depends on what you enjoy. I have some Clover-style tit clamps that are intense. When I first put them on I have to give my nips time to adapt (by holding on to them--they are not adjustable) and then can only leave them on for less than a minute. As I rotate the nipple suckers and the clamps I find that I can leave them on longer. These are intense.


This stud is wearing multiple "O" Rings so his nips even more pronounced


Even if you are new to nipple pleasure, the Nipple Amplifier can really intensify your experience. The pleasure can be over-the-top. If you want to get really huge nips, I have discovered that these are indispensable to the process.

Regardless of your pleasure, you will find great satisfaction in this nip tool!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos 1 & 2 by XR; 3, 4 and 5 are submitted by customers.)


For more information on the nipple-to-genital connection, check out our blog:



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