Grinder Cockring & Titan Glans Ring:


It's another beautiful day in sunny Palm Springs and Danny is strutting his stuff in the Grinder cockring and Titan .4 glans ring. His prick is looking thick and juicy and he is prepared for anything that comes his way.

Like Danny in his Grinder, your cock ring will keep the blood pumped in your dick. This means your cock is bigger, harder, longer and ready for action. In addition, you'll feel more sensitive--even when you aren't hard. You will love the confidence of feeling your chubbed up meat swinging between your legs, in the palm of your hand or better yet, in someone else's.

You've got to love what a cockring does for your dick and your sex life. Mike from Atlanta wrote:  "I love the Grinder c-ring! Just tried it out in the steam room on my partner and my orgasm was out of this world hot! The look and quality are excellent. Another well made product by GearEssentials."

Are you ready for out of this world hot orgasms?


Grinder Cockring & Titan Glans Ring:  "Out of this world hot!"


The Grinder cockring is one hot look. It pulls your package up, front and forward for your best, most prominent look. 

Bold, strong and masculine, the Grinder features a .6" / 15.24 mm bandwidth with a sexily faceted architecturally-inspired profile. It's a great tool for your tool because the Grinder keeps the blood flow restricted in your dick so you stay chubbed when flaccid and boned-up when erect. 

John from California wrote:  "Your cock rings are simply the best there is. So far I've scored the Grinder, the Plunge, the medical grade plastic Grip and now the set of 3 sizes of the Titan, and I'm looking at others you offer.

"These guys just plain look great, feel great, and are so comfortable that I can wear them for days without any problems."


Grinder Cockring & Titan Glans Ring:  "Out of this world hot!"


Danny is also wearing the solid stainless steel Titan .4 head ring. The beauty of this ring is that it helps extend your flaccid cock to its fullest potential--so you can show it off and give folks a taste of what's to come. I also enjoy the sensation of this heavier head ring when I walk and move throughout my day. Many men have referred to the sensation as the "mini hand job" in your pants!  

Jim from Montana wrote:  "I have purchased three of these glan rings. From the 7/8, 1, 1-1/4. I wear the 7/8 24/7 and I never remove it. It has been a rewarding experience...

The only thing I dislike is how sensitive it has made the head of my cock. Going commando is almost a thing of the past as well due to the sensitivity. When you shift in your seat and your zipper drags across the glan ring it can literally take your breath away..."

Not only will you feel great; you will also be amazed by the attention your dick gets when your glans ring is weighing it down. We've experienced lots of questions and probing touches - everyone wants to know (and see and taste) more! Here are a few more reasons for wearing a head ring:

Why Wear a Glans Ring?
  • Added weight pulls your dick down for your best flaccid look.
  • Strokes, teases and caresses as you move for that 'mini hand-job in your pants' sensation!
  • Sex lasts longer (and it's GREAT for edging) because the head ring masks the nerve endings beneath your corona.
  • Increases your sensitivity
  • A glans ring pumps up your dickhead (even more if you have a cockring on too)
  • It looks sexy-hot.

You can see how the Titan glans ring thickens the head of Danny's prick - and it gets even more pronounced when he gets boned. Just like a cockring, a head ring restricts blood flow so his dickhead gets huge which heightens sensitivity.

Are you ready to experience "out of this world hot"?!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Simeon Den. Mike, John and Jim are not pictured.)



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