Grip Cockring:


When you want to keep your prick thicker and harder, use a cock ring.

Why? It's fundamental science:  a cockring keeps your rod bigger, fuller, firmer and more sensitive to every lick, nibble, touch and stroke. Your spine will tingle as all the nerve-endings in your cock fire up. You will immediately become aware of the power throbbing between your legs. There's no other sensation like it because it emphasizes and enhances sexual pleasure as well as your cocky attitude.

Gee from California wrote:  "Love the flared edge and it’s light weight feel. This is my first plastic cockring and once you hold it you can tell right away that it’s very well made and worth more than what you’re paying. It feels even better once you get it on around your meat. I just wish that I had gotten one size smaller for a more firmer fit."

The stud pictured below is boasting a nice chub; he's feeling good!

Grip Cockring:  "It feels even better once you get it on around your meat"


And sex is even better in a cockring.

The Grip penis ring is easy to wear, super-comfortable and it keeps your dick thicker and harder. The Grip was gear essentials’ first ring crafted from medical-grade plastic. This material is so safe it's used by surgeons so we knew it would be safe on our family jewels.

Here's a closer look:


Grip Cockring:  A closer look


Crafted from a hard plastic with just a hint of internal give, this cockring will keep your dick fuller, fatter, longer and stiffer so you can go the distance. You'll discover the beauty and science of cock rings. It's all about increasing pleasure - and bringing more pleasure to your world. With a penis ring you will be more sensitive to every lick, slurp, tickle, kiss and tug.

Get the Grip - it feels even better!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photo 2 by Simeon Den. Gee is not pictured.)



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