Grip Cockring:


It's true:  everything is better with a cock ring on it!     

Whether your love-making is fast and furious or you just take your time with some slow, easy loving, your cock ring will help you go the distance and keep you harder and thicker for longer. 

Why are cock rings one of the most popular sex enhancement products for men? They work. Cock rings aren’t some sort of gimmick – this is the real deal.

Whether constructed of a hard medical-grade plastic with just a hint of internal give like the Grip C ring or metal, a cockring will keep your dick fuller, thicker, longer and harder so you can go the distance.

And what guy doesn’t want to stay harder for longer? Whether you have problems keeping it up or you want to concentrate a little less on trying to keep it up, a cock ring is a tangible way of maintaining an erection by slowing blood flow from penile tissue.

And it feels great!


Grip Cockring:  "It feels great to wear throughout the day"


The Grip penis ring gives you support and lift. When you have a hard on, it is bigger, harder, more sensitive and even more impressive! It's all about bringing pleasure to the world.
Quality-made in the USA, the Grip features the ROBO collection's signature interior comfort fit. Perfectly designed and balanced for easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. You may forget you even have it on--until you need it! Get the Grip on YOUR package and impress the world!


Grip Cockring:  "It feels great to wear throughout the day"


Johnblack from South Carolina recently wrote, "I have been wanting to buy a cock ring for quite a while. I have tried on flexible c-rings a few times but didn't like it much. I decided I'd never know until I tried so I found this site and started looking. I decided to buy and could not be happier with my purchase. 

"It feels great to wear throughout the day and I have gotten compliments from everyone that has seen it on me. It just give me a great mindfulness of my package all day long. 

"I will absolutely be buying more soon. I've already got my eye on the next couple of rings I'd like to purchase."

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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(Photo 1 submitted by customer; photo 2 by Simeon Den. Johnblack is not pictured.)





I wear mine every day and love the feel of it in my pants



I love my ring and wear ot evey day

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