Grip Cockring:


Addison is completely lost in his thoughts - you'd kind of like to be there with him, wouldn't you?

As he kicks backs and dreams, his Grip cockring is keeping his dick thicker and chubbed. He's ready to rub one out or for some hot action.

He wears his medical-grade Grip pretty well. It does everything a cock ring is supposed to do:

  • keeps your balls and dick front, center and forward
  • maximizes your girth, length and sensitivity by restricting blood from leaving your thick prick (it keeps you thicker and harder whether you are hard or soft)
  • pumps up your package for your best and fullest flaccid look
  • keeps your balls away from your body - keep cooler in hot weather!
  • looks damn hot!

Nate from Wisconsin wrote:  "My first Gear Essentials, but not my last. You think it looks good in pictures wait until you try it on. LOVE the Grip ring. Love the black. Would maybe be neat to see Gear Essentials product clear plastic or Pyrex. I’m more of a metal kinda guy but their plastic looks and feels wonderful. Hard or soft."


Grip Cockring:  "You think it looks good in pictures wait until you try it on."


The Grip (and its newer brother, the SurgeBlack) are rigid—to keep you rigid—yet with just a bit of give. [And it weighs slightly less than an ounce (25 grams).] It has a super-sexy black style with an elegantly raised center design that is classically simple. Rigid yes, but the interior comfort fit means you'll enjoy easy work-all-day / play-all-night pleasure!

Wait until you try it on. Get the Grip!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Simeon Den. Nate is not pictured.)  


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Simply the best and most comfortable cock ring ever. I love the Grip. It looks amazing and you won’t want to be without it hugging your cock and balls!

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