Hanging Out Double Ringed with Ball Stretcher and Cockring


Just hanging in a hammock from a tree...kind of suggestive, isn't it?

Pleasure is pleasure and it's all good! He's getting even more pleasure in life by double-ringing:  wearing both a cock ring and a ball weight.

Why settle for one ring when you can wear two?  Nothing is hotter than a split ring ball weight and a cock ring!  The combination provides awesome ball tug and amazingly hard, stronger and fuller erections.


Hanging Out Double Ringed with Ball Stretcher and Cockring


The guy pictured above is double-ringed.  He's laid out his junque with a beautifully crafted solid stainless steel Titan .6 cock ring.  This ring is .6" / 15 mm wide and features a flat, smooth design.  Big enough to make a statement (and make you hard) comfortably shaped for all-day/play-all-night wear.  This is a beautiful piece of man jewelry.

He is also wearing a 32 ounce / .91 kg ball weight. This split ring ball weight is 2" / 51 mm wide.  He certainly has the balls to wear it!  This weight will bring him pleasure with every step or thrust!  The tug teases the nerve endings and leads to even more powerful orgasms.  When fucking, your partner will also get an extra erotic charge as it bounces against him or her. 

Double-ring and double your pleasure!  

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



(Photo submitted by customer.)



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