Head-to-head in your best self with a Cockring


Do you want better sex? Do you want a bigger cock? Do you want your dick to look big - even when you are flaccid?

It's easy. You just need a cock ring.

A buddy of mine was a Chippendale Dancer. He's got an amazing body but is less than thrilled with his dick size. However, if you saw him on stage you would never know it. He always performed in a cock ring - and the tighter the better. He still swears by them.

The tighter the penis ring the bigger his package got (and it's all about the package.) In fact, he wore such a tight cockring that his boned dick would be cold and turning blue by the time he came off stage (not recommended). 

A lot of men keep two sizes of C rings - one size to wear for everyday enjoyment and one for 'performance.' The majority of my rings are sized to fit comfortably all day long. I love the feeling, support and sense of chub I get from wearing one all the time. It pushes my cock and balls up, forward, front and center. When I don't have one on I feel naked. 

Chris wrote:  "I wear it all the time and works great to enhance the profile of my package. Looks awesome in jeans or flat front pants."

Are you ready to enhance your profile?


Head-to-head in your best self with a Cockring


When you want to show your package at its best and improve your performance, consider a cockring that's one size smaller than usual. When the blood flows in your dick expands to bigger proportions. Your cock ring keeps you thicker, harder, longer, fuller, juicier and more sensitive. 

Now you can go head-to-head in your best self with a cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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The surge c-ring is dynamite. The look, the feel is amazing. I already had the surge glans ring and have worn it 24/7 for months. The c-ring makes a great presentation for my package. Thanks Gear Essentials.

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