The HOLD Cock and Ball Cage:


The Hold is wider, harder, tougher and admittedly kinkier than anything else in the gear essentials' arsenal. 

Nate from Texas wrote:  "A more complete review will be forthcoming. I just got this today. I had to try it out tonight. It is a little odd to put on, but wow, once you get it on it is like armor for your manhood. The shaft ring portion is very nice. I let myself get hard and soft a few times and then power stroked one out. It is very intense... I'm looking forward to more."    


The HOLD Cock and Ball Cage from gear essentials:  "Very Intense"


The Hold is tough to put on the first few times but once you do, it is, as Nate says, very intense!

The stud pictured above at International Mr. Leather (IML) had just put the Hold on. It seems like everyone starts to get chubbed the minute they put this baby on. The Hold is not just a cock ring. It also includes a place for your balls to drop through pulling them away from your body as well as a supportive shaft ring. For those of you with little experience with shaft rings, you will quickly discover how much additional support this gives your throbbing cock. It's all good! And feels better!

Enjoy the very intense sensations and sex with the Hold Cock and Ball Cage!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Hold Cock & Ball Cage:


(Photo by Jay Williams. Nate is not pictured.)



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