Centering Himself in his Hold Cock & Ball Cage and Titan Glans Ring


Is anyone else having a tough time dealing with the pandemic, politics and the protests? I am trying to be educated and informed but the more I learn the sadder I get. 

I am really having to take extra time for me right now. And meditation is a very good thing.

Here Danny is taking some time to center his thoughts and quiet his mind. (However, I suspect that any of us watching probably would not be quieted!)

His heels are pushing up his magnificent dick in his Hold Cock and Ball Cage and a Titan glans ring.

His eyes are closed in meditation and self-reflection so you can take all the time you want to stare and just take it all in. There's a lot to see. 

"Spandex Gear" from Toronto wrote:  "Damn great cockring/cage. Fits great. Love the heavy weight and industrial look of it on my cock. I got the 2" / 11.2oz size. There's good room for my balls to hang through and the base ring is snug without being tight."

JayJay from California added:  "It is now one of my most favorite toys."

We're with you JayJay!


Centering Himself in his Hold Cock & Ball Cage and Titan Glans Ring


This impressive cock tool from gear essentials is a split ring design crafted from solid stainless steel in the USA. Like a comforting yoga pose, it takes you into a stable position. Are you craving something wider, bolder and bigger? At 1.5" (38 mm) bandwidth (our widest) it will comfort and hold you. You can lock up your cock and balls while also enjoying extra shaft support in this wide cylinder of quality stainless steel. (Check out all the dimensions here.)  

When your cock and balls are encased in the HOLD, it's hard to resist reaching out and grabbing hold. This ring is a new experience that provides greater support and hits multiple erogenous pressure points. Every part of your package is distinct and ringed--cock, balls and shaft.

Danny's also wearing the Titan .2 glans ring and Titan .4 glans ring stacked. The feeling of a glans ring hugging your rod right beneath the head of your dick is amazing. During sex it is awesome - but it also feels great just moving throughout your day (and night!) It tickles and teases the sensitive nerve-endings beneath your corona and gives your knob more bob and swing due to the extra weight.

You'll quickly understand why customers refer to our head rings as being like a 'mini hand-job in my pants!'

Both the brushed and mirrored finishes are pictured below.


 Centering Himself in his Hold Cock & Ball Cage and Titan Glans Ring


Bruce from New York wrote:  "Being on lockdown I have been wearing all different rings. Here's what I'm wearing today. Love the smaller head ring, fits under the corona and when I get hard my he'd swells to new proportions. Feels amazing."

Take time to center yourself in style and feel amazing while you do it. Enjoy the HOLD and Titan glans rings. You'll be glad you took the time for you.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Simeon Den. "Spandex Gear", JayJay and Bruce are not pictured.)



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