How to Wear a Steel Cockring


Today's blog is a reprint of our friend Cockring Buddha's blog from August 24, 2016. He has been asked how he gets his stainless steel cock ring on (we get asked that a lot too).

You can see below that Cockring Buddha is wearing his new engraved Omega penis ring. He writes: "This Omega is fucking fantastic!!!  Every day that my wife asks me if I'm wearing a cockring, she says "Are you wearing the Omega? Show me."  It rocks my world every single day. Hers too." 

Cockring Buddha continues:  "I've been preaching the gospel of the cockring on Reddit quite a bit. I'm a moderator and frequent contributor to the SexOver30 subreddit ( ). A lot of people my age are very receptive to things that will allow them to keep a reliable hardon. Hopefully you've had a surge in sales from middle-aged hetero couples.

(We have!)

Here's what Cockring Buddha has to say about getting into his solid cock ring: 

Many men consider a steel cockring for all of ten seconds flat, and say to themselves, "Nope. No fucking way. I'm not cramming all of my junk through that little thing. Not gonna happen. I'd bust something before I stuffed it all through."

It truly is hard to envision, somehow getting your cock and your balls through a ring that may be less than 2 inches in diameter. So I made a little video this morning, after I got out of the shower, demonstrating how I wear my gear essentials Omega cockring. I first toweled off, and then rubbed some sweet almond oil onto my cock and balls. Not only does the almond oil keep my skin nice and soft, and prevents ingrown hairs after shaving my privates, but it also makes me nice and slippery, allowing the ring to slide right on, without any friction. The almond oil is odorless and totally body safe. 


Cockring Buddha Demonstrating How to Wear a Cockring


As you can see, wearing a steel ring is quick and easy. I had it on in about 20 seconds flat. No pain. No shoving. Nothing got stuck. No ruptures. No disasters. Just a few smooth easy motions. 
  1. Rub a tiny amount of almond or coconut oil onto your cock and balls.
  2. Gently push your lowest hanging ball through the ring.
  3. Pull as much extra skin through the ring as possible. 
  4. Pop your second ball through the ring.
  5. Push your flaccid cock through the remaining space in the ring.
  6. Cinch the ring up with a good firm tug.
  7. Kick back and enjoy the pleasure. There's no rush to get dressed.


Cockring Buddha:  Sitting pretty in his Cockring!


It's as simple as that! One note of caution though--make sure you use an oil that doesn't linger on your skin. I've heard many stories of cockrings sliding off during the day because the cock and balls are just too slippery. This is why I generally recommend that you put your penis ring on in the shower and use soap as your lubricant.

Any way you get it on, you'll enjoy it!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!

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Blog and photos by Cockring Buddha. To read his original blog click here:  





Hey, Big Daddy—not necessarily! It depends on your goal for your cockring. Tighter is better for sex. If you want all day comfort you may want to go one size larger. The real question: is your cockring comfortable? If so, you’ve nailed the size! (And remember—it’s not about speed; it’s about what you DO with it!) ; ) ENJOY!

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

After seeing this video, I have certainly been wearing cock rings that are too small! It takes me up to 45 seconds to put some of mine on. Looks like it takes him 15 seconds.



Cockring Buddha followed up with more information on the almond oil:

“I’ve also used the soapy shower method for putting on my cockrings. It works very well. My only issue is that I sometimes get some pinching while wearing a dry ring during the day. More so with the Imperial than the Omega. I’ll squat down to pick up a box, or spend an hour doing yoga, and the ring will just hit that spot where Ouch!!! The dreaded dry ring pinch.

“The sweet almond oil is working out well for me. I started with coconut oil, but it was super-slippery, and didn’t last long enough. The sweet almond oil isn’t quite as slippery as coconut oil, and doesn’t completely soak into your skin as quickly. If I use even the smallest amount of coconut oil, I can easily have one ball slip out of my Imperial. Then a couple hours later, I can get some pinching because the coconut oil has run out of steam.

“I only use a small drop of almond oil; like the size of a dime. Just enough to lightly coat my junk. It’s enough to allow the cockring to slip right on, but not so much that my balls feel like a Slip ’N Slide afterward. I often reapply after I get home from work. Heck, I keep some in my locker at work, in one of those portable salad dressing bottles. Cockring lube on the go!!!”

Thanks for the awesome info, Cockring Buddha! J.



Brock—thanks for this feedback. Several other well-endowed guys have mentioned that your method is easier for them. It’s all about finding what works and what you are comfortable with. ENJOY!

Brock Webster

Brock Webster

This is one way to put it on. I tried it a few times, but always started getting hard before I was able to pull my cock through. Instead, I actually slip mine over my cock first and then pull my balls through. That’s easier for me and another option for others to try.

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