One of the things we love about the Omega Split Ring is that it can be used as either a cockring or for stacking on top of your ball weight (or weights) for even more weight and stretch. Unleash your creativity!

The picture below shows how effective it is when stacking on (or under) a traditional split ball weight. When gear essentials introduced the Omega Split Ring, there was some confusion as to what it is. Is it a cock ring? Is it a ball weight?

It's both!   

Gunther from the Florida Keys wrote this about his new Omega split ring:  "I love the way this feels, easy to put on and remove. I put a little Vaseline on the nub from time to time to keep the rust at bay but otherwise this is awesome. I get a lot of stares when I wear this out especially to the community pool. The only downside is the cost but you get what you pay for, if it was a lower price I would probably have two or three more."

Rob from Massachusetts adds this:  "Awesome! Can wear Omega Split ring 24/7 without any issue."

The Omega Split Ring is easy to put on and take off. If you want a heavy cockring but you are afraid of getting stuck in it, you can easily use this ring. Just unscrew it and you are free!  If you want to add weight and length to your ball sac, just add one or two of these.


"I love the way this feels" in the Omega Split Ring Ball Weight OR Cockring


Want to switch to a ball weight? Slip the head of your dick out of the ring and you have a ball stretcher--as pictured above!

You may think you have as much ball stretcher on your nads as you can handle. But with an Omega Split Ring you can add more. When you are stretched to the max wearing one or more traditional ball weights, the Omega Split Ring is much easier to put on than another ball stretcher because the interior diameter is wider and the edges are rounded. Our junque tends to flare out as it gets closer to our pubes and the Omega makes allowances for that. It makes for a great fit!

The Omega Split Ring is basically an Omega cockring--but in two halves. One half of the ring has a male/female connector. The other side is secured with an Allen screw (wrench included and it’s super easy to secure). The Omega Split Ring provides all of the benefits of a rigid metal cock ring--without any of the paranoia. It is keeping the blood flow in his cock so he stays thicker and fuller--even when flaccid.  

Any way you wear it you will experience a lot of pleasure.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Michael is not pictured.)


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