I have been telling you I LOVE this stuff! If you want to enjoy some amazing self-loving, check out the Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream

Matt from Boston agrees!  He writes:  This is the second tube I've purchased. I never want to run out ! It goes on thick and creamy and just when you think that it doesn't get better than this is does. With this cream, and my new Titan Glans Ring, I can edge for hours without having to reapply more. This stuff is amazing !!

Hours?!  Matt, I think we need some tutoring! Tell us more!


For a Good Time--Look as Far as Your Hand!


This lubricant is formulated so that the heat created by the pressure of your hand as well as your body heat creates a unique glide factor. This maximizes your pleasure! And it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky—it feels natural.

If you are all about whacking off and edging (and it is one of my favorite pastimes) you need to try this amazing cream. I can edge for hours and never need to reapply. (Try that with spit, moisturizing lotion or traditional lubes - you'll have to stop the action to use more.) It just keeps working and feeling amazing on your rock-hard shaft.


Premium Masturbation Cream: Taking You to the EDGE!

We are all about better sex at gear essentials! We even have one of the best prices you will find on Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream--because we want to share this amazing product with you.

Check out Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream, You'll "LOVE this stuff" too!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/lube/products/swiss-navy-premium-masturbation-cream  


(Photo submitted by customer. Matt is not pictured.)



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