Double your Pleasure by Double-ringing with the Imperial Cockring & 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher


This stud may just be hanging out at home but he has discovered double pleasure - the pleasure of wearing a cockring and ball weight. I suspect he is similar to me:  the first time I put on a ball stretcher (and most of the time since) I popped a woody. The feeling is amazing.

He's a big daddy. He's sporting a 24 ounce ball stretcher. Most men have to work up to wearing that size. I'd say he could wear even more. Daddy's got big balls!

I think it looks hot - but it also feels hot. After wearing my first ball weight I realized that I had always subconsciously tugged and twisted my balls during sex or when jacking off. I noticed that it made me cum harder and my orgasm would be much more intense. 
It's true. With a ball stretcher cumming is delayed, I have a bigger load and I shoot farther. I love that tug, twist and delayed orgasm of a ball weight. 
Rob from Pennsylvania agrees. He wrote:  "I bought the 24oz. With 1.5in opening. It was a great choice for easier assembly. I love the tug of the extra weight and feel of the swing when walking around the house. I also love the way it feels during sex. The extra swing is very stimulating and really makes my orgasms intense.

"They feel great and my boyfriend loves when my balls slam his taint when I take him doggie style.

"It's a win win for both of us."


Double your Pleasure by Double-ringing
with the Imperial Cockring & 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher


You know I love my ball weights but I think they're more effective when combined with a cockring. Your cock ring keeps your junque pumped while the ball weight enhances orgasm. It's a win-win!

The hung stud pictured above is wearing another of my favorites:  the Imperial cockring. It keeps his big dick thicker and more supported and it's so comfortable because of the gentle curves inside and out. You know you have it on as you move throughout your day and your partner will know you have it on during sex! The feel of it is impressive. And it makes your dick impressive. 

If you've never worn a cock ring before you'll discover how it keeps your dick pumped so you stay thicker, harder and longer. Even when flaccid your rod looks so much more impressive. It looks like it is working!

Don from Ohio wrote:  "I have 2 imperial rings now. Both are awesome. The newest is 1-3/4 and very comfortable. My wife loves how it make me a little harder and a little thicker. She can tell the difference for her pleasure. My older one is 1-7/8 and works well also. I like it better for extended wear. Great product, with such high quality."

Don't settle for vanilla sex. Double your pleasure by double-ringing with a cockring and ball weight. Your sex life will never be the same!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Rob and Don are not pictured.)



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