Bouncing & twisting in his shorts in an Imperial Cockring & 16 Oz. Ball Stretcher


This stud is working it. He understands that getting a good workout - whether at the gym or in the bedroom - is enhanced by having the right gear. And he's got it with an Imperial cockring and 16 Ounce Ballweight.

Hard play requires a hard cock. And for that you need a hard stainless steel Imperial.     

It will help keep you hard!     

You know that when you are ready for serious action, your prick will stay harder and thicker with the Imperial Cock Ring.

There's nothing like a solid piece of stainless steel wrapped around the base of your rod to keep you ready for the long haul. The elegant Imperial cock ring keeps the blood in your meat so you are harder and thicker. Designed in the shape of a flattened donut, this ring offers heft while leaving plenty of room for meaty thighs. Your partner will appreciate the extra weight (6 ounces, 171.5 grams) which translates into extra power on each thrust. You'll leave 'em begging for more.

If the Imperial is foundational to your best sex experience, a ball weight is an incredible enhancement resulting in tantalizing ball play, delayed orgasm and more cum.

 Bouncing & twisting in his shorts in an Imperial C ring & 16 oz. ball weight


There's nothing like the tug, pull and twist of a ball weight hanging on your nads. It is an amazing feeling and takes sex to the next level.

He's wearing a one inch / 25 mm (16 ounce / .45 kg) ball weight with style. Most guys have to start with a half inch ball stretcher and then work up to a one inch but this guy has a beautiful cock with awesome low hangers. He is loving the feeling.

Michael from Chapel Hill wrote, "I received my weights within a few days of ordering. Quick and speedy. could not wait to try on the 16oz ball weights. after a hot shower, it seemed to slip right on. the feeling was great from the start. I also slipped on the .4 titan glan ring. both feel so great on and look hot! slipped on some athletic shorts, and went for a walk. feels so great, bouncing and twisting in my shorts. looked like I had a horse cock in my pants. swinging the shorts back an forth. these two pieces are a must to own .get some, you will Definitely enjoy them."

You can feel the great pleasurable bounce and twist of a ball stretcher and Imperial penis ring in your shorts too. They'll be lusting after that horse cock in your shorts.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Michael is not pictured.)





Damn dude , you are packing!



Nice gym equipment

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