Imperial Cockring:


It's hump day and some of us are itching to get into the spirit of things! Are you ready for a bigger, better fuck? Warm it up, lube it and pop it in!

You can discover your best fuck with a cock ring on. The blood flows into your prick so you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and perkier. Even when you're not boned you can see how thick your dick remains.

A penis ring makes for better sex. As your throbbing cock is stretched you become more sensitive to every sensation as you thrust your hard rod in and out. Are you ready to discover what intense pleasure really is?

"FullFiller" from the USA wrote about his Imperial penis ring:  "Having bought several hundred dollars of Gear Essentials merchandise over a few years, I do feel quite qualified to review this cockring from multiple angles. 

"The Imperial cockring, like the Omega and other heavier metal rings, feels like a dream come true on your genitalia. The Imperial has more surface area making contact with your cock and balls, so it slips far, far less than the Omega - and as a result, doesn't shift in to uncomfortable positions, even with all day wear. 

"Previously, I'd have to use a restroom to adjust the Omega or perhaps take it off if it's particularly hot and I'm going to be working outside, getting sweaty. The Imperial never has that risk - it's always snug on your cock, emboldening your scrotum and dick. Before having worn the Imperial, I swore that owning two different sized Omega rings was the best possible comfort and appeal you can give your cock and balls; you'd wear a more snug fitted sized ring for "day use", when you wouldn't be expected to give any extended sexual service - and a larger more comfortably fitting sized Omega, which would be worn for actual intercourse. The large size accommodates the added arousal and excitement and thrusting motions of sex, which can be a bit too compressed and tight feeling with a snug fit normally intended to be worn while flaccid to semi-flaccid. 

"The Imperial will suit you perfectly while soft, while working, and especially while playing. This should be your #1 choice if you're already a fan of cockrings, or if you are looking to try one out. Finding an ideal fit is important - something I don't believe has an easy way to be known without trying on the model of cockring, because a smooth metal ring has a very different profile and feel than say a Rubber O-ring or PVC pipe cut to size to measure up. I am about 7 and 1/4 or so inches (~19cm ) in length, and have noticed a gradual increase in girth over the years of wearing weighted, rigid cock rings. I wear the Bright Mirror 1-3/4" size. 

"As a general safety precaution, I still always, always take off/take out any sex toys, no rings or plugs should ever be worn while sleeping!"


Imperial Cockring:  "accommodates the added arousal and excitement"


The Imperial cockring is one of gear essentials' best sellers because it feels hot and makes sex even hotter! This ring is tantalizing smooth in either mirrored or brushed finish. It pumps and thickens you so your schlong begs to be touched, fondled, licked and ridden. Crafted from solid high-quality stainless steel in the USA, these rings are skin-sensitivity safe and will last years (and won’t pit or corrode like cheap chrome-plated brass or nickel rings).

The fit is impeccable—due to the gently rounded interior rim you will find this medium weight ring (6 ounces / 171 grams) surprisingly comfortable. You’ll love what it does for your dick and sex life.

Discover how the Imperial cock ring accommodates the added arousal and excitement of your thrusting.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. "FullFiller" is not pictured.)  



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