Imperial Cockring Magic:


This uncut daddy is ready for action and his Imperial cockring is keeping his thick prick ready to go. 

It feels good to kick back and feel your big dick stretch and grow - and to recognize the 'enhanced heft and hardness" of your semi-engorged dick flopping around between your legs. There’s an intensely sensual comfort and erotic charge as you feel yourself pulsing and twitching and watch the blood pumping in your prick. It also boosts your sense of being a man—a big dick is a sign of your virility.

If you are a ‘grower’ rather than a ‘shower’ - and most of us are - it's also nice to give onlookers a sense of your potential. Regardless of your size, a penis ring maximizes your dick mass - hard or at rest. It keeps your love muscle thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. And let's face it; it pays to advertise.

The Imperial pictured below is one of those rings:  intensely comfortable due to its slimmer curved shape it feels great on your thickening dick. The subtly rounded edges mean you can play for hours without fatigue because the edges are gentle - even if you're not.

Tom from the UK wrote:  "My woman adores me in my 'Master' ring for its sheer presence and power. But I'm getting intimate with another gal who was shocked to hear - before ever she saw me - that a guy would wear steel around his junk! So I thought, "Imperial". She was converted at a glance [Nice, eh!?]. Something about the curvature of Imperial reduces how 'threatening' it is for a gal who is new to this. The ring is in her eyes is sheer elegance. So the 'threat' to her is not the ring, but the enhanced heft and hardness of the man-meat which the ring's magic works on me for her!"


Imperial Cockring Magic:  "enhanced heft and hardness of the man-meat"


Crafted in the USA of high-quality solid stainless steel, the Imperial penis ring will last for years and continue to make magic as it enhances your heft and hardness. You'll discover the great look and feel as well as better sex. Once hard and in position, your partners will love the added weight and power of each and every deep thrust. 

Get ready for Imperial magic!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Imperial C Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer.)


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