Imperial Cockring:


There is nothing like a good fuck. A pounding with a rock-hard pumped up prick is something to be celebrated.

The stud pictured below is rocking a huge boner in his the solid stainless steel Imperial cock ring. It's keeping his dick pumped and thicker so it reaches places rarely poked. It's a beautiful thing. 

I am willing to bet that this slab of meat is tingling, throbbing and feeling awesome. His dick is chubbed up more than average because his cock ring keeps the blood restricted in his thickening penis so his package looks and feels much bigger than usual.  

"Fun4m69" from Singapore wrote:  "It is my second purchase with gear essentials. I bought, 1-3/4" imperial cock ring this time. No words to describe the quality & comfort of gear essentials cock ring. since, my first purchase, i am wearing gear essential cock ring almost 12 hrs everyday. now, start wearing imperial. I love the weight of imperial and My cock is addicted to imperial cock ring. Since, i don't find any discomfort, i would like to wear 24/7." 

There are no words to describe the feeling of the Imperial - you will be addicted too!


Imperial Cockring:  "No words to describe the quality & comfort"


The Imperial penis ring is an awesome choice. It's insanely comfortable due to its slimmer curved shape so the Imperial feels great on your hardening dick. This cockring will be gentle and comfortable as your throbbing cock thickens, grows and hardens - and it will give you an amazing erection and your best fuck.

Pick up an Imperial penis ring and you will discover that there are no words to describe the feeling of it wrapped around the base of your throbbing dick - you'll become addicted too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. "Fun4m69" is not pictured.)



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