Introducing the NEW Alpha Cockring


We are extremely excited about this new cock ring. Constructed of solid lightweight aluminum--you will hardly feel it as you move about through your day (until you are ready for action, that is!)

The new Alpha takes its design cues from big brother Omega. Toric-shaped (like a perfectly smooth donut), this ring has no hard edges--it's all smooth goodness that shines! 


Introducing the NEW Alpha Cockring from gear essentials


Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, your prick will be pumped and thick when you get a boner in this baby! 

This ring is more compact with a bandwidth of only .4 inches / 10.16 mm. This will look great (and make you look great) at the nude beach or in the gym showers. It will also look amazing under tight jeans or business casual.


Boned up in the NEW Alpha Cockring from gear essentials


You're going to love this ring! It's perfectly designed and balanced for easy all-day play and all-night wear.

Bone up in the NEW Alpha penis ring from gear essentials!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Alpha Cockring: 


(Photos by Simeon Den. To see more: Model:  Addison Graham.)




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