Keep it at attention with nipple suckers and cockrings


I like to keep things at attention - nips and dick should be hard, pumped and inviting!

The stud below has nip suckers on his tits for a hard, erect pump. He's ready for action. Those hard eraser heads poking out of his t-shirt are appetizing. It's also a very clear signal of sexual interest.

Undoubtedly the same is true for your cock! When it's hard there is definitely interest - and it's bound to invite attention as well. What you do with that attention is completely up to you.

Nipples are made up of erectile tissue that functions similarly to your dick. In addition (and also like your dick) there is a concentration of nerve-endings there meaning it is (or can be) a major pleasure center. For many men, there is a direct connection between nipple stimulation and the genitals. Bite 'em, squeeze 'em or twist 'em and your dick is sure to start bobbing up! (It doesn't want to be left out.)


Keep it at attention with nipple suckers and cockrings


His Omega and Titan .9 cock rings are keeping the blood pumped in his prick. This means his cock gets even bigger, harder, longer and ready for good, hard sex. His dick is also more sensitive to every lick, tickle and stroke - even when flaccid. You will really appreciate the confidence it brings as you feel your thickening meat swinging between your legs. 

The Omega Cockring - This beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless steel cock ring is a work of art. Shaped like a perfectly smooth donut, this rounded ring offers supreme comfort and is available in brushed satin or mirrored finish.

Titan .9 Penis Ring - The newest in the Titan series, the .9 is nearly an inch wide (22.96 mm) thrusting your goods out even further for a prominent display of power. It features a band of solid stainless steel with gently rolled edges for a classic low-profile look. 

Keep your nips and dick at attention!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)





Hey, J, thanks for your comment and question. We absolutely have smaller cock rings.

The Quarter Screw, Half Screw and Alpha cockrings, lightweight aeronautical aluminum cock rings, come in a 1 5/8" / 4.13 cm size. The Omega, our heaviest ring in solid stainless steel, comes also comes in a 1 5/8".

The Titan .4 Cockring (stainless) is available in a 1.5" / 3.81 cm.

You may also have luck with the silicone and Nitrile rings. We have a large inventory of Oxballs’ rings.

Hope this helps!




i allure your establishment mate & all your gear for blokes as for me self, do you all have smaller cock rings by any chance mates?

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