Keep track of your man in his Alpha Cockring


It can be so difficult to keep track of your partner. 

We've found the answer: Just attach a leash to his cockring.

Not only does a cock ring keep his dick fuller; harder; more sensitive to every lick, nibble, touch and stroke; and ready to go the distance, it also keeps you directly connected to the heart of your man. 

Is he starting to wander? Just reel him in - but make sure to reward that pumped up prick with some ample attention and a full-throated reward!


Keep track of your man in his Alpha Cockring


Like all of gear essentials' cock rings, his dick will stay thicker, harder and longer when supported by the Alpha. This ring features a narrower profile at just .4 inches / 10.16 mm and feels amazing wrapped around the base of his manhood. The Alpha penis ring is extremely comfortable due to the completely smooth donut-shape and carefully balanced aluminum construction. 

Keep track of your man in the Alpha Cockring.

gear essentials...Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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