Nude Beach Style:  Keep your prick thicker with a leather cockring


We were just chatting with some friends who have a home on the Cape. As things are opening up again (due to quarantines) they are hoping to get there in the next month or so.

It made me realize how much I miss the ocean. I also miss being naked on the sand and diving into the surf. There is nothing like feeling the ocean breeze ruffle the hair on your body as the sun warms you to your soul.

I am looking forward to enjoying those days again soon. The stud pictured below is a reminder of the carefree moments spent at the beach. His prick is kept thicker in his leather cockstrap. When you're naked you want to show off your best! And when you head to the dunes for some fun, you want to be primed and ready for hot sex.

When you slip on a cock ring your dick stays fuller, thicker and heavier. And when you get hard, you get really, really hard!

Nude Beach Style:  Keep your prick thicker with a leather cockring


Not only does your prick stay thicker in a penis ring, you'll enjoy the massive pump, the amazing blowjobs and hot fucks you get in your cock ring.

It's easy; just snap it on when you're ready to go. I love mine for when I travel (I wear it as a bracelet as I go through airport security). When new the leather is hard and stiff but with wear it starts to feel smooth, buttery and like a second skin. You will love how it feels on you.

You'll discover your best nude beach style. Keep your prick thicker with a leather cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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