It's a walk in the park in his Leather penis ring


It was one of those days.  You've been feeling totally horned and need to get off.  You leaned in to that feeling and took a detour through the park.  As you slowly walked, you caught an eye - a lingering glance really.  As your prick chubbed you figured what the hell and stared back.

You know what you're packing and you remembered to snap on a leather penis strap this morning.  You're ready; let the chase begin!

The hot young stud glances back once.  And then again.  You've got him.  He slowly saunters over - cock of the walk.  He thinks he's in charge.

He falls to his knees and fumbles with your fly.  Out thrusts your hardening prick.  Your leather cockring is giving you the support you need for a long, satisfying session of hot sex.  That thick fucker is going to find satisfaction tonight.   

He takes a big sniff of poppers.  He's going to need it.

Leather cock rings are easy to get on.  If you get one of those boners that just won't quit, it's easy to pop off as well.  There's also a level of adjustability that I really like.  Ready to fuck?  Put it on a bit tighter for an even firmer, fatter, throbbing erection. You'll discover it's a far more pleasurable sexual experience (with a throbbing, juicy boner) and you'll have a more explosive orgasm.

When I wear it all day, I wear it one snap looser.  In addition to providing a hot erection, the look, feel of leather on my flesh and the smell is a major turn on. Sometimes I wrap one around my balls for a nice gentle stretch.  (This is how my ball weight fetish started.)

And when you're about to have a hot mouth on your throbbing prick, a cockring makes it feel even more amazing.

Junius wrote:  "The feel and texture of my leather ring feels amazing on my dick. I never take it off. when its time to play its indispensable. I get so hard and then I cum its a lot all over the place."

Are you ready to get throbbing hard?


It's a walk in the park in his Leather Cockring

A penis ring makes your package irresistible. This stud quickly dropped on his knees with an eye to taking a closer look (and taste) at that throbbing, rock hard meat twitching in his face.  It's basic science:  your cock is thicker when you wear a cockring.  The sex is better, your sensitivity is enhanced and your pleasure will skyrocket! You'll find you get your best jack, blow or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick.  When the blood flows into your penis you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to go the long haul. You could skip the penis ring but you'll miss out on superior size, heft, performance and mind-blowing sex. 

And, like Junius, when you cum it will be a huge load all over the place!

You'll enjoy a walk in the park - and more - in your leather cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer.  Junius is not pictured. 


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