Taking on a Monster in his Leather Cockring


When you walked into the restroom you didn't expect to run into your fantasy.

Life has been tough lately.  Pandemic, politics and work stress have been overwhelming.  You hadn't even realized how much the pressure has been building.

So you're standing at the urinal minding your own business when you see a huge shadow cross the wall in front of your eyes.  You sense a massive presence beside you as a giant of a man squeezes in to the next urinal.

You turn and your jaw drops in amazement.  Your eyes lock and you feel a heavy hand on your shoulder pushing you to the floor.  Before you know it his tank is off and wrapped around your head, pulling you in until your nostrils are filled with his musk.  Fear is quickly overwhelmed by desire as his huge cock fills your mouth and thrusts down your throat.  Your cock is hard and straining through your open fly.  But you are so busy maintaining balance that you can't even spare a hand to stroke. 

Your jaw stretches wider than you even thought possible as his thick trunk splits your skull!  Intense heat spreads throughout your body as you relax and take in the god-like cock.  His leather cockring keeps the blood engorged in his prick so he stays thicker, harder and longer.  

Who knows where this encounter will end but you certainly have a few good ideas! 


Taking on a Monster in his Leather Cockring
A leather cockring is so easy to put on.  If you get one of those boners that just won't quit, it's easy to pop off as well.  There's also a level of adjustability that I really like.  Ready to fuck?  Put it on a bit tighter for an even firmer, fatter, throbbing erection. You'll discover it's a far more pleasurable sexual experience (with a throbbing, juicy boner) and you'll have a more explosive orgasm.

When I wear it all day, I wear it one snap looser.  In addition to providing a hot erection, the look, feel of leather on my flesh and the smell is a major turn on. Sometimes I wrap one around my balls for a nice gentle stretch.  (This is how my ball weight fetish started.)

And when you're about to have a hot mouth on your throbbing prick, a cockring makes it feel even more amazing.

Junius wrote:  "The feel and texture of my leather ring feels amazing on my dick.  I never take it off. when its time to play its indispensable.  I get so hard and when I cum its a lot all over the place."

Are you ready to get throbbing hard?

It's basic science:  your cock is thicker when you wear a penis ring.  The sex is better, your sensitivity is enhanced and your pleasure will skyrocket!  You'll find you get your best jack, blow or fuck with a cock ring around the base of your dick.  When the blood flows into your penis you get and stay thicker, harder, longer, juicier and ready to go the long haul.  You could skip the penis ring but you'll miss out on superior size, heft, performance and mind-blowing sex. 

Take on that monster and enjoy that leather cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   Leather Cock Rings:  https://gearessentials.com/collections/other-cock-rings     


(Photo submitted by customer.  Junius is not pictured. 



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