You can't resist the draw of a leather cockring


There is nothing quite so irresistible as a hard dick lunging out of a cockring. In this case it's a leather penis ring.

I normally wear a metal cock ring but every so often I already have a chub and I have forgotten to put my ring on. Not a problem! I just snap on a leather cock strap. It's my favorite Plan B. It's great to have that extra support. That's where a cockring comes in handy. It keeps the blood flow restricted in your prick so you stay thicker, harder and longer. 

I almost always have one of gear essentials' metal cock rings on but I still occasionally wear my leathers. I find that it's really easy to travel with and when you're surprised with a boner and aren't wearing a cock ring, you just snap it on and enjoy some extra support (because you are NEVER going to get your stainless steel penis ring on AFTER you bone up). It's also great for wrapping around your balls for a bit of stretch and pull.

My first foray into penis rings was a leather cock strap similar to the one pictured on the hung stud below. While the leather was stiff and uncomfortable at first it quickly softens and soon feels like a second skin. The snaps make it adjustable and highly adaptable so you can wear it where ever it will fit - even as a bracelet (a great way to break a stiff new one in).


You can't resist the draw of a leather cockring


He just cannot resist the draw of that thick prick in his leather cockring. It keeps his cock and balls pulled up, front and forward. The strap also helps give more lift to his pendulous rod. There's nothing like strapping one on to make a good (and big) first impression.

And the sensations you experience while your boner is braced and bigger in your cockring is amazing. You are bigger, fuller and more sensitive to every touch, tickle, lick and swallow. Get ready to blow a huge wad!

You'll see why they can't resist the draw of a leather cockring.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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When your doctor says you need to add more protein to your diet , is this what he meant? Drain that load and savor the flavor.



It sure looks like this stud can give his cocksucker a mouth full! I love it. Let’s see more.

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