Addison Blows his Load in their Cockrings with Adam Russo


Adam Russo and Addison Graham, what a dream pairing.

A beautiful Palm Springs afternoon by the pool finds them stripped down and exploring the deepest parts of each other's bodies. Adam's hairy daddy vibes contrast with Addison's smooth, Rubenesque youth providing a spicy combination that is hard to be beat.  They seem to be drawn together like magnets; lips, hands and dicks touching and exploring until they reached their climax.


Addison in their Cockrings with Adam Russo - lost in pleasure


Legs spread wide, Addison has completely surrendered himself to Adam.  Scooting forward on the chaise, Adam's hard dick reaches deep into Addison's hole, pumping, probing and pleasuring his prostate.  Addison's eyelids close and flutter is he gets lost in the overwhelming pleasure of multiple dry orgasms.


Addison Blows his Load in their Cockrings with Adam Russo


Addison is keeping his plump prick thicker in the Mavrik cockring.  His package is pulled forward, center and up so it's easy for Adam to reach out and give a quick tug or stroke while he is lost in the rhythm of the fuck.

He's looking good in his Mavrik cockring.  It's keeping his substantial prick thicker and harder.  This is what a C ring does for you.  Blood rushes in and is restricted from leaving by the penis ring.  This means that when you get hard you get even bigger, harder, longer and more sensitive to every touch, lick or stroke.


Addison in their Cockrings with Adam Russo - getting close


Addison is right on the edge now!   I'm impressed when a guy can stay hard when his prostate is being teased and taunted into submission.  It's very sexy.  And his passion is proudly sporting the Mavrik cockring in blue (it's also available in red).  The Mavrik is made from our favorite medical-grade plastic in the style of a slimmed-down Imperial cock ring but narrower - only .4" / 10 mm wide.  That means that this baby is light-weight, comfortable and smooth.  Both the inside and out of the penis ring are gently curved for optimum wearability (meaning you can really go the distance with this ring).  And it minimizes pinching.  Like Addison, your dick will love the Mavrik cock rings.

Steven H. from Virginia wrote:  "Great paired with the glans ring. I can wear them all day to give me stimulation and great looks."

Addison is certainly getting stimulated now...

Not only will it give you extra stimulation and good looks, the Mavrik will kick up your performance.  It also adds some sexy color to your life.  Pick it up in red or blue and enjoy these light weight penis rings that are great for all day (and all night) use. They are super-comfortable and will bring you the best ride of your life.

Chuck from Minneapolis wrote:  "I am a big fan of cock rings and glans rings. I bought both the Maverick glans and cock ring. They are outstanding. The cock ring is the most comfortable I have ever worn. It's a 1-3/4" and fits snuggly but not tight. The glans ring fits and the two of them together makes a nice combo."

Mavrik sizing runs from the snug 1 5/8" / 41 mm to the super-sized 2 1/8" / 54 mm.  You'll find the perfect fit as you get ready to show off your colors!  (And don't forget the glans rings!)


Addison Blows his Load in their Cockrings with Adam Russo


Addison has blown his load.  His hot, white cream pools on his belly as he squeezes the last drops out.

Adam certainly knows how to deliver a deeply satisfying fuck.  And his Master cockring is right by his side helping him do it even better. 

The Master is a solid hunk of solid stainless steel that makes your prick stand out.  Want to keep it thicker, harder, fuller and longer?  Look no further.

But it seems to provide more than just a more powerful boner for a lot of folks.  Jason from New Mexico wrote:  "Nice and heavy, when you are in the mood for a heavy ring to pull at you like getting a handjob all day long. I like to wear this with some ball weights for added pleasure which I recommend. You'll be pre-cumming in your pants all day long... :0)"

Another customer spotted some solid metal rings in a store and couldn’t believe a guy could ‘survive the torture of one of those!’  Like most of us, curiosity got the better of him and he found gear essentials!  His journey down the road of more intense pleasure (both for himself and his partner) began with a look through the website.  

He wrote:  “Thanks for posting my review of 'The Master Cockring'. I'm proud to see it up on such an excellent site as yours. Cheers.

“But my thanks for much more.  It was over a year ago I first read your stuff after seeing steel rings in a sex shop and thinking, 'hell, do men actually survive the torture of one of those?'  Your site swung me round to dare to try.  And of course, since then I have had hours and days of delicious feeling and a handsome bulge.  To say nothing of enjoying my woman come sooner and more intensely pretty well every time.

“So! one mega massive cheers mates from me!”

Oh, sweet torture!  His cheer isn't the only massive thing!


Addison Blows his Load in their Cockrings with Adam Russo


Check out Adam's cocky half grin.  He knows he's delivered amazing sex as a look of sweet contentment settles on Addison's face.

Sex is better in a cockring.  Hell, life is better! 

When you're ready for the ride of your life, check out the solid stainless Master or Mavrik cockrings.  Discover how a penis ring will greatly impact your performance and sexual pleasure.  Like Chuck says, it's "the most comfortable I have ever worn."  And the ride is impressive too!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!





(Photos by Simeon Den. Chuck, Steven and Jason are not pictured.)





LongnThick: Fortunately the photographer’s first career was as a dancer on Broadway. He’s got great balance, form and control. While everyone felt the heat, Simeon was a consummate professional! ; )

Thanks for your comment!



Sexy studs enjoying each other. I’m not sure how the camera man held it steady to get the pictures. This had to be so much fun to watch and shoot. I’m sure the camera guy did eventually shoot his load as well. Very hot!



Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. A fun scene!

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