Male Dancer's Guide to a Bigger Package with a Cockring


It's another Friday night on the town and you're wondering how the male dancers keep their packages so BIG!

Seriously, just how do strippers do it? How do they make their cocks look so big--even when flaccid?

A friend of mine is a former Chippendale Dancer. His smoking hot body makes his nicely average dick look on the small side. (This is definitely a fantasy-killer.) However, you would never know it because he always wears a cockring while performing. He swears by them and says that the tighter the penis ring the bigger his package is. While performing he wore such small penis rings that his boner would be cold to the touch and blue by the time he came off stage (we definitely do not recommend this). 

Understanding how a cockring works, a lot of men keep a couple of sizes of C rings--a size for everyday comfort, pump and pleasure and smaller sizes just for 'performance.' The majority of my rings are sized to fit comfortably all day long. I love the feeling, support and sense of chub I get from wearing one all the time. It pushes my cock and balls up, forward, front and center. Frankly, when I'm not wearing one I feel plain naked. 


Male Dancer's Guide to a Bigger Package with a Cockring


When you're ready to 'perform' or just want to show your package at its best (and fullest), consider a ring that is one size smaller than usual. When you're hard and ready for serious action, your dick will expand even more for an amazing and stiff pump. When flaccid, you will show off your potential. Your cock ring keeps you thicker, harder, longer, fuller, juicier and more sensitive. It's a secret weapon everyone you 'touch' will enjoy.

Enjoy a bigger package with a cockring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



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