Male Nipple Play:  Okay or Nay? What people say...


Over the past few weeks we've had a couple of blogs on the nipple-to-genital connection. It has opened an interesting conversation. Some guys said they weren't interested in having their nipples played with. Others questioned what they are even for (on a man's chest). Others basically said, "screw it, it feels good."

This has led to a lot of conversations about nip pumping, twisting, clamping and worshiping around here. Here are a few of the comments:

Anthony wrote:  "Men whether they are gay or straight have the same nerve endings in their nipples as women do. Therefore it can be a "sensitive" area. In the heat of sexual passion it is quite the turn on unless u have man boobs... In that case get a mammogram."


Male Nipple Play:  Okay or Nay? Another erogenous zone


Paul said:  "Some guys do, some guys don't .  It depends.  Personally it doesn't to a whole lot for me, but I've known other guys who loved to have their nipples sucked and even nibbled to the point that one would think they were going to knaw them off, and they just couldn't get enough.  So yeah, some do get into it..."


Male Nipple Play:  Okay or Nay? He seems to enjoy it...


Some pointed out that sucking on a man's nips was just not "normal." Adriana responded: "Normal? who cares? people like what they like and as long as they don't hurt anyone (unwilling) in the process and they are up front about it  -- hell, if you are into them and it's not horribly offensive to you just go with it. if you're not into it then you just aren't...does that make YOU abnormal?

"I don't think something like nipple sucking preferences are inherently 'gay' or 'straight' or anything. people like what they like...we're all different and weird and normal in our own ways all at the same time. 

"Deal with it or don't but labeling it is pointless."


Male Nipple Play:  Okay or Nay? Tit stimulation leads to a boner...

Bill weighed in:  "Okay.  It's not weird.  It's not uncommon.  How's that? :)  I think too many men are hung up on what is and isn't "normal" and miss out on a lot of fun things to do to or with their partner."


Male Nipple Play:  Okay or Nay? Lost in the pleasure...


One who wishes to remain anonymous added:  "Most of the men I've been with have either found it to be "nice" or were just not interested in it. But I have been with a few who absolutely LOVED it. Any nipple play at all with my hands, mouth, feathers, etc. and they would go CRAZY. That coupled with penile stimulation and they had the biggest orgasms ever. I fucking LOVED it."


Male Nipple Play:  Pump 'em up!


A great way to get started is with the Oxballs' Hog-Nips. We like rotating these with nip clamps to increase sensitivity. The Hog-Nips not only help with that; they also help increase the size of your nips. Ox-Nips are solid, heavy silicone so they are long-lasting. 

To use them, simply wet the bottom of each sucker (they're sold in pairs), squeeze out the air, place them over your nips and enjoy the pump.

Male nipple play--okay or nay? We give a very loud OKAY! (In fact, MORE than okay--we love it!) Discover a new source of sexual pleasure by exploring your nipple-to-genital connection.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos 1-4 submitted by customers. Photo 5 by Oxballs. None of those quoted are pictured here.)


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Hey, horny, thanks for your comment.

YES! It does seem weird (like a lot of things that bring pleasure) until you try it. Culture teaches us that nipples are a woman-thing. They crown beautiful breasts, babies suckle there and it’s a key component to good foreplay.

However, men are similarly designed when it comes to nerve-endings and pleasure centers located there. Men’s nips also become engorged (similarly to the genitals) when aroused or excited. Given attention they become increasing sensitive. I alternate nipple suckers and clamps. It’s mind-blowing. I have several friends who work their nips every day. They get an impressive response. A lot of guys say that there is a definite connection from nips to ass and cock.

One man’s “weird” is another’s pleasure! Give it a shot!




that just seems weird.



My husband said, he didn’t care for it (nipple play), but one day while grocery shopping I caught him playing with his nipples while trying to pick out ice cream…

He said, “alright, I got used to it and kinda like it now.



I defiantly enjoy getting my nipples pulled and sucked on, it feels amazing. I’ve really been considering getting them pierced.



Love having my nips played with. Even mild torture is nice.

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